• Convention Compilation - March 21st

    Conventions! Have some headlines:
    • Brony Beach Minicon Release
    • Appleoosacon Delayed
    • Big Apple Ponycon - Twilight Sparkle Crystal Heart Spell
    • Crystal Mountain Ponycon Promo
    And press releases below the break.

    Brony Beach Minicon Release

    Over here at Brony Beach Minicon, we've had a lot of things happen in this past month! Including a new website, a venue, a date, and even some possible guests! It's all very exciting and it seems like everyday is another step towards an amazing event. We do want to thank everyone that has helped us, and those of you still lending a helping hand (or three) towards pulling the convention together. So, let's jump into things!


    We have now secured our domain name and have our site built! There are still some sections under construction, but it is a fully functioning and interactive website. You can visit us from the link at the bottom! The website includes daily news updates so you can keep up with what's happening with the staff and the convention, a complete section about information regarding the upcoming Brony Beach Minicon 2013, a registration section that will be up and running closer to the convention date, a staff section to get to know who exactly the people behind the scenes are, a contact page for you to directly get in touch with the staff or the convention chair himself, and of course links to our Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube accounts


    As you can see in the screenshot above, we also have a forum now (link below)! This is for you to stay in contact with other attendees, talk with the staff, and just have a good time.

    Venue and Date:

    Brony Beach Minicon 2013 will be hosted at the Meyera E. Oberndorf Central Library in Virginia Beach, Virginia on July 12th and 13th (the second Friday and Saturday of the month). The convention itself will be held in the meeting rooms and auditorium of the library. Both meeting rooms (Folio and Libris) will host smaller portions of the convention, while the auditorium will host larger panels (i.e. special guests, staff, musical performances, etc.).

    Thank you all for reading and we hope to see everyone at Brony Beach Minicon 2013! For more information, visit our website or any of our social media accounts (links below).

    Website: http://bronybeachminicon.com
    Forum: http://bronybeachminicon.freeforums.org
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BronyBeachCon
    Tumblr: http://bronybeachcon.tumblr.com/
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/BronyBeachCon
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BronyBeachCon

    Appleoosacon Postponed

    Due to the rather regrettable events surrounding the Las Pegasus
    convention, and the current community situation, the staff here at
    AppleloosaCon have, with some regret, decided to postpone the
    convention. This is in response to a number of people canceling their
    passes in the wake of recent events, requests by several of our
    vendors, statements from other conventions, and perhaps most
    importantly, due to a request by the community. We have received over
    500 requests from fans stating directly that they wish to have the
    date moved to a later time in the year. While we here at AppleloosaCon
    feel confident that we could pull off an excellent smaller scale
    convention on the current April date, we also feel that ignoring this
    sort of community request and the desires of the fanbase we are part
    of, would be absolutely unacceptable as well.

    Thus with some regret we are announcing that we are moving
    AppleloosaCon to later in the year, to October. Anyone who wishes to
    have a pass refunded or their vendor fees refunded are free to do
    contact us at [email protected] Those of the community who find
    this new date acceptable to them and wish to maintain their passes
    will automatically have them upgraded to Supporter Passes, which will
    entitle them to VIP status at the new date. We look forward to taking
    this time to making what we feel would have been a good conventin, and
    making it even better for everyone involved, and we certainly still
    hope to see you there.

    Big Apple Ponycon - Twilight Sparkle Crystal Heart Spell

    My Little Pony Novel Coming To Big Apple Ponycon VIP Mixer

    Upcoming My Little Pony chapter book by G.M. Berrow to be available to VIP
    Reception attendees.

    Brooklyn, New York - Big Apple Ponycon is excited to announce that
    attendees of their VIP Reception on Saturday night will be receiving
    advance copies of My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart
    Spell, the first book in G.M. Berrow’s upcoming series. A very special
    guest may even be in attendance to discuss it!

    In addition to getting their hands on a copy of the book, attendees of the
    reception will have a chance to mingle and chat with a number of other
    prominent pony people, including Andrea Libman, Jayson Thiessen, Katie
    Cook, Andy Price, and others. Attendance is limited! Tickets can be
    obtained at: http://www.bigappleponycon.com/vip-reception/.

    If you can’t make the VIP Reception, there’s still hope. Berrow will be
    donating one signed copy of the book to BAP’s charity auction. Don’t miss
    the chance to help a good cause and take home a cool piece of pony

    A Brooklyn native, Berrow’s childhood aspiration was to become either a
    princess or a pony. While she isn’t quite there yet, her work on the
    upcoming series of My Little Pony chapter books is certainly on par. The
    first of the series, My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal
    Heart Spell, is slated for release on April 2.

    About Big Apple Ponycon

    Established in 2012, Big Apple Ponycon is a multi-generational convention
    for collectors and fans of Hasbro’s My Little Pony franchise, and the
    community surrounding it, from its origin in 1983 to its present
    incarnation. The Brooklyn-based convention will take place at The New York
    Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge on March 23-24, 2013. For further
    information, please visit www.bigappleponycon.com.

    Crystal Mountain Pony Con Animated Promo