• Convention Animation: Fluttershy's Message!

    It's no secret, Fluttershy is cutest pony.  CMC? Forget it. 

    Anyway, Galacon released a press release pertaining to ticket phases and prices, but made it all the sweeter for all you animation fans out there.  Have a bit of Fluttershy below the break, along with the previously mentioned press release. 

    Dear loyal subjects,

    we are speechless! Not only is the entirety of Ludwigsburg out of beds during GalaCon, meaning you will have to book hotel rooms in the immediate area around Ludwigsburg, but ticket phase 1 is over! You all placed so much trust in us that you bought up the remaining tickets in record time. We are extremely grateful - You give us the confidence that GalaCon 2013 will be a great weekend on all accounts!

    As for announcements - This Wednesday (20th February), our ticket system will be shut down for maintenance. Everything will be prepared for ticket phase 2 on Saturday to guarantee smooth performance.
    Phase 2 will include a new, very limited supply of BIZZAM tickets with the Canni figurine, the shirt and the fast lane access! This will be the very last time we add new BIZZAM tickets to the pool, so get ready!

    As mentioned before, we will make price adjustments for phase 2. New guests of honour and big plans for the event schedule are coming! Don’t worry, we’re not leaving you in the dark - Announcements will follow shortly.
    Basic tickets are going from 59€ to 69€ and BIZZAM tickets are going from 129€ to 159€. Ticket upgrades are possible - If you’ve previously bought a ticket and wanted to upgrade to BIZZAM, just buy the BIZZAM and contact our ticket service at [email protected] to cancel the previous order.

    It’s really hard to hold back the excitement from behind the scenes, but not long until we can spill the beans! Actually, there’s a special someone who has a message for you right now:

    Heartfelt thanks to JanAnimations and Julia Stoepel (German voice of Fluttershy)!