• 300 Word Writing Flash Event - Discord is Someone Else's Roommate!

    We haven't done a writing flash event in forever! Time to revive it!

    Imagine if you will, a scenario where Fluttershy wasn't available, and Celestia was still feeling incredibly lazy.  She has dropped the statue off at Ponyville, unlocked discord, and flew away to go manicure her hooves.  A note was left for Twilight challenging her to choose sompony in Ponyville to convert Discord over to the good side.  (She also took the elements with her, so no locking him away!)

    That's where you come in!  You are now Twilight Sparkle! Pick a pony and explain their process of stopping Discord from destroying the city, and hopefully befriending him in the process.

    In 250-300 words, write your episode out from start to finish in the comments.  Try to keep discussion outside of responding to the stories to a minimum.

    Now go!