• Pony Mural Defacing and Cleanup

    Some of you may have run into the image of the pony mural found at Missouri S&T defaced with the phrase "Highest Form of Autism" on it.  Not everyone can embrace the friendship I guess!   So far they have made pretty good progress cleaning it up,  though they could use some assistance from the community. 

    Head on down past the break for information on how you can help out!

    Long long time ago (about a year XD) the bronies of Missouri S&T got permission and put around 100+ man hours into painting this epic mural. After around a year strong it was sadly  defaced about a week ago but, we've bounded together and are now working to reverse the damage ^_^ 

    About and hour and a half of scrubbing and covering our hands and forearms in paint thinner:http://i.imgur.com/yzev4.jpg

    we're getting there, but any bronies at S&T or in the Rolla, MO area's help would be appreciated cause its gonna take a while and a lot of work to get it all cleaned up (darn you spray paint) oh! and any tips on how to remove spray paint without damaging paint underneath would be graciously appreciated cause our method its long and leaves ya feel like you just got back from the gym anywho^_^ stop by 

    for any help you can offer ^_^