• Random Merch: Rugs, Shirts, Winter Stuff, and More!

    Time to ponify your lives, and those around you, with more random merch!

    Above, we have a set of pony floor mats from a story called Leroy Merlin in Poland.  Apparently it's a store focusing on home improvement and construction.  Ponies really do improve everything.  Thanks to Gave for the heads up!

    Head on down past the break for more RANDOM MERCH.

    It looks like Ponies came in as an honorable mention over at Welovefine's 8bit contest.  Pretty fitting considering how much The Hub has been touting pixely ponies lately! I wonder if it's a sign of things to come? Code Monkey x MLP crossover anyone!?

    And if you have kids, H&M has added a set of pony winter gear, from gloves to scarves.  Head on over to this page for those! Thanks to Sabrina for the links!

    If you live around Australia, this new throw rug was found at a Brisbane Aldi store for 8 bucks.  Thanks to Panzerdraco for the image!

    For those with a daughter/niece/girlfriend/grandmother with a birthday coming up, a few new cards have popped up at Target.  These must be doing well! We always have new ones in here.  Thanks to Nakedpops for the heads up!

    And finally, another magazine is popping up over in Australia dedicated to ponies.   Included with it was a pencil sharpener and 50 stickers.  Thanks to Lightening for the image!

    If any of you run into random pony merch in your countries of residence, send them on over!