• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 8

    Greetings everyone! Another night means another round of the training grounds and as always you all came through with flying colors! Phoe and I are incredibly proud of you all as you continue to show again and again that you can stick with this. There is still so much pony left to draw though, so hang in there and keep your chin up; you can do it! Phoe is out tonight so Calpain will be your substitute host for this evening's proceedings, which include a wonderful 656 ponies engaged in bitter conflict contained in our gallery. This makes for a grand total so far of, oh, just a mere 6670 images as we continue our little event! Keep making us pick our jaws off the floor you extraordinary pony folk!

    You can check out the gallery for submissions here.

    For Day 8 submissions, just follow this link and fill out the form. If you have any comments or questions that need to be addressed, send them to [email protected]. Don't be afraid to send in anything that you are concerned with!

    Now on to today's theme! Phoe left the post up to me so I did a lot of thinking on this one. Looking back on the previous training grounds for ideas I stumbled across many old articles, and many old comments. I saw the first Roundup, Phoe's first ever comment as a freshly minted blog author, and many, many drawings by artists taking their first stab at art. Life is full of firsts and trying new things, after all we probably all wouldn't be here if we didn't take the plunge and try this pony thing. So tonight's theme will be to Draw a Pony Trying Something New. Give those ponies a chance at something fresh and exciting, something outside what they'd normally do like what a certain author is experiencing right now.

    I wish you all the best and letting me in on the excitement! Hop to it guys! I know you'll make us (and hopefully yourselves as well) proud.