• Random Merch: Diaries, Belts, and More!

    It's time for another one of those posts with a whole bunch of random text attached to items with ponies on them!

    First off is a diary straight from Italy.   I honestly wouldn't trust Pinkie Pie with standing guard over the cover like that, but at least it has ponies.  Thanks to Krina for locating it!

    In our second slot today, we have yet another belt from Hot Topic. If they keep releasing these, some of you might have to start a collection! Thanks to everyone that submit it. You can find it here!

    Twilight Sparkle seems to have mutinied over the other fruit snack ponies and taken over command of the box art.  Hopefully they don't try to hide g3 ponies in there this time! Thanks to Jen for the image

    And finally, H&M has added more hair clips to their already huge lineup, this time with full ponies instead of just heads.  Thanks to Erika for these!

    And that about wraps this little post here up.  As always, send your crazy finds to the submit box, hopefully you locate something new!