• Random Merch: Sunglasses, Bandages, and Magazines

    Sunglasses you say? And adult size at that? I wonder why it took so long.  These can be found once again at Hot Topic for $12.50.  It looks like they are absorbing all kinds of pony merch now days.  Now they need to release the types that let you look at eclipses and stuff, because I totally missed that Venus thing due to lack of equipment.   Thanks to Brian for these.

    And in the second slot, Wired Magazine released another article involving pony in their June edition (Did we post this one? I can't remember). You can find a scan of it above!  Thanks to Sean for that.

    And below, all you injured people finally have something to turn to when you are bleeding all over the place (note: EQD does not condone using bandages alone if you are bleeding all over the place).  Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and more will be there to help seal your wounds. (note: EQD does not condone the use of bandages alone for sealing wounds)  Thanks to Holly for these!

    And in the final spot, we have a few things that came out of a french pony magazine for June/July, including some Applejack Earrings.  Find those below and after the break!  Thanks to Astaen for the scans!