• EQD Exclusive: Rainbow Dash To Marry Kitchen Sink

    (EQD) - Springtime is always cited as the time of year when love is at its most potent; it would seem that no pony is an exception to this old adage.

    According to a source close to the rainbow-maned pegasus from Cloudsdale, who refused to be identified as anything else than The Chicken, Rainbow Miriam Dash has unannounced plans to be married to an unidentified model of a kitchen wash basin. The speed demon had finally chosen this particular brand after striking out in many previous relationships, the unnamed source told Equestria Daily.

    "I'm so happy for her," the source quipped to our reporter, seemingly unable to contain a small laugh at the thought. "I wish her only the best of luck. That sink has such a nice shade of chrome."

    Our reporters were unable to reach Rainbow Dash for comment, who simply moved herself up to a higher cloud and continued to nap.

    We'll have more on this story as it develops.