• Pony Month in Review - 60+ Events that Happened in July 2016!

    July saw the return of episodes and one of the biggest news cycles of the year with SDCC. A lot of stuff happened! I bet not all of you could keep up with it, so we REVIEW THE MONTH!

    Below the break, get 60+ major news pieces, fandom projects, and general pony goodness. It was absolutely nuts last month.

    Go get it all below!

    All Guardians of Harmony Figures hit Amazon

    Guardians of Harmony Amazon Pre-order Cheese Sandwich Guardians of Harmony Amazon Pre-order Cheese Sandwich

    Get the full list of them with links over here!

    New Official Album Releases - Pinkie's Party Playlist

    Go get the info on it here!

    Interview with Somber from Project Horizons

    Fallout Equestria lovin over here!

    Mike Vogel and Meghan MCcarthy are Working on... Something

    No idea what unfortunately! 

    Daring Do Books Start Popping Up Individually on Amazon

    Order Forbidden City of Clouds here! 

    Excellent PMV Collab - Speak Life

    Watch it here

    Wonderbolts Handbook Releases!

    Get it over here

    Five Minutes of Pony Hoof Bumps

    Get HOOFBUMPS over here

    New TY Princess Plushies on the Way

    Infos over here

    Review of Guardians of Harmony Discords and Fluttershy

    SDCC 2016 My Little pony Exclusive - Discord and Fluttershy

    Go read it over here!

    Episode 16 Revealed With Synopsis

    Read it over here

    And an updated one over here with a MAJOR reveal. Spoiler warning.

    New Fashion Style Brushables Hit Amazon

    Fashion Style Sapphire ShoresStarlight Glimmer Fashion Style

    Get them over here

    Celestia in a Washing Machine


    Legends of Everfree Info starts Releasing

    Get a trailer over here, with some new character reveals

    Excellent SFM Anime Opening!

     SFM really shines sometimes doesn't it? Get it over here.

    Zecora's background got a Huge Upgrade

    Very impressive! Straight from the show.

    Doors 2 Releases! 

    Definitely one of the top videos of the year by far

    Legends of Equestria Officially Releasing in December! 

    Read about it over here! 

    New Puzzle Game Stars Official Pony Voices with New Lines

    Infos over here! 

    BronyCon PMV Contest Winners

    Top Action and Feel Good
    Top Drama Winners


    Truly magical

    People complained to help EQD!

    Check out the comments for our responses to all the criticism. Lots changing coming up in response!

    We also had a live Q and A over here.

    Or just grab the cliffnotes. We did that too, with everything from Drawfriend submissions to music clarified.

    Season 5 DVD Released

     Go pick it up over here! 

    Season 6 Episode 17 Revealed! Major Episode Coming

    Check it out over here!

    Brony Polka Teaser, with Tons of Remade Brony Classics

    Check it out over here!

    Hasbro Buys Put Studio Boulder Media

     Read about it over here!

    Reviewing Guardians of Harmony Celestia and Discord

    Check it out over here!

    Season 6 Episode 17 Revealed with Synopsis! 

    MLP Season 6 Episode 17 Revealed! - Dungeons and Discord

    Check it out here!
    And extended synopsis over here

    The Slorg Dives into Pony Tears Throughout Season One

     Go read it over here! 

    Awesome Animation - Cutie Re-Mark Prequel

     Check it out over here! Brutalweather is incredible!

    Possible New Model Coming for Pony in the Movie

     Dem detailed ears. Check it out here.

    And another very tiny teaser here.

    4chan Creates Charity Album

    It gets a little weird. Go check it out though and fight autism with charity

    Wonderbolts Pack Hits Target

    Check it out over here!
    And already in stores!

    New Online Pony Game Releases

    Check it out over here! 

    Cute Bug Animation: Spies Among Us

     Watch it over here! 

    Ponyfinder Kickstarter Begins

     Check it out over here! 

    The Rest of the Season Teased in New Promo

    Go check it all out over here! Lots of spoilers in this one. 

    Hasbro Does "Heartfelt Scrapbook" Series with Flurry Heart

    Check them out over here! It's really cute.
    And #3 over here, with a possible new character revealed. 

    Discord Gets a Fan Episode

     Go check it out here! 

    No Discord in the MLP Movie

    Doh! Read it here

    Friends Forever #33 Revealed! Synopsis, artists, and writer!

    Check it out over here! 

    Coming #47 Revealed! Synopsis, Writer, and More!

    Go get it over here! 

    Twilight Sparkle Hits the Front Page of CNN! 

    And a bunch of other things went down. Twilight was all over the internet! Check it out here.

    Even Late Shows picked her up.

    ROAN RPG Officially Releases!

    And Sweet Velvet is top bat.

    Go check it out over here!

    SIA Confirmed for My Little Pony Movie

    Infos over here. 
    Her pony revealed over here.

    Ponies Around the World Submissions Posted!

    Go check out ponies ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3

    SDCC 2016 Panel - Loads of Season 6, Legends of Everfree, and a Bit of Movie News Revealed

    Get the full breakdown over here.

    SDCC Legends of Everfree Trailer Over Here

    Go check it out over here

    Legends of Everfree Writers Revealed

    Go check them out over here! 

    General EQD Updates and Improvements for July! 

    Read what we changed over here! 

    Best of Fandom Archive Project Under Way

    We are archiving all the best brony content of the past few years. A few are on the side bar already, but you can get the details over here

    EQD Moderator Beebarb Memorium

     A sad day here on EQD... Read about it over here. And be sure to check out the event we are running in his honor.

    Discord and More Coming in 2017 MLP comics

    The IDW panel revealed some things. Check it out here!

    Tons of Awesome Art Last Month!

     Check out all the Drawfriend posts over here! 

    Twilight Day Begins on August 7th!

    Check out submission info here!

    Season 6 Episode 14 Synopsis Revealed! 

     Check it out here!

    Season 6 Episode List Probably Revealed! 

    All the way up to the finale. Enjoy!

    China Busts Out a Pony Animation

     Check it out here! 

    Friendship is Magic #44 Officially Released

    Go get it over here! 

    Toy Review: MyMoji Figures

    Funko MyMoji figures

    Go get it over here! 

    ALL the Hugging

     24 Minutes of Pony Hugging

    Episode 18 Synopsis Revealed! 

    Check it out here! 

    Horse Fame Editorial in Response to Dramaz

    Go check it out over here.  I worked hard on it so you better read it senpai~ 

    Hasbro Teams up with Dungeons and Dragons for Pony Charity

    Contribute over here! 

    New Major Upcoming Location Revealed! 

    Check it out over here! SPOILERS!

    What Makes a Pony Episode Appealing and Memorable? 

    Go read this one too~ 

    PONY BEGINS! Season 6 Episode 13 Discussion Post. 

    Get the discussion and streams over here!
    And it released early.

    Cat Luna

    Too much~

    The Best of Brony Archive Begins - Top Animation Archives of ALL TIME 

    The best My Little Pony brony fan animations archive and database

    Expect more archives soon, for now, go catch up on hundreds of animations created over the past 6 years over here.

    Stranger than Fanfiction Episode Followup

    I really wish that was a real scene. Trixie~

    Get it over here.

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