• Nightly Roundup #425

    Totally forgot there was a blue moon this month! In celebration, let's have some of our favorite Princess of the Night. The results of last night's header contest will be used for Monday's header so tune in then to see the winner!

    This one is a little earlier tonight because Calpain is tired after driving for 8 hours to come home to Michigan for the weekend. Have some news!

  • Music: This Day Aria Version // Amy's Chords // The Changeling Cometh //

    Darkening in vain!
    Decadence remains!
    All is said and done!
    Never is the sun!

    I think Nightmare Moon blowing bubbles in a bathtub needs to be a thing. I think you guys should make it a thing. Translation: make this a thing, cause it's awesome.

    One remix and two instrumental tracks: This Day Aria, a tribute to Amy Keating Rogers, and changelings.

    1) This Day Aria Version
    2) Nicolas Dominique - Amy's Chords
    3) The Changeling Cometh

  • Convention Compilation - August 31st

    Convention news is always reason to party down. Or is that par-tay? I can never remember the rules of partiquette. Which I've just been informed is in violation of my contract. So while I go sit down for another optional mandatory hour in Pinkie Pie's Smile Happy Fun Times Reeducation Center, you guys can have the world's finest convention news items, delivered fresh to your door in twenty minutes or your money back.

    Pon3con: Creation and details announced
    Bronycon: OC Contest (ending today! Whoops!)
    BronyCAN: website launch! =D
    BronyCAN'T: Parody, fake news announcement not appearing below page break. Laugh or don't.
    Bronymexicon Gala: new convention set up and announced
    Ponycon AU: Further funding updates and announcements
    Galacon: Feedback gathering for 2013
    PHPonycon 2013: Pre-registration up

  • My Little Pony Songs Summary - Music Analysis

    How much singing has each pony done total throughout the last two seasons?  How many minutes of music do we have total? Why the hell don't we have an album yet?  Everything save the last question is answered in this semi-in depth song analysis.  It also has charts, and I know you guys love charts.

    Check it out here!
  • Story: Time Waits For No Mare (Update Part 8!)

    [Adventure][Sci-Fi][Shipping][Dark] "An intense story about one mare's fight against a world that loathes her." -Pre-reader with a WoW name

    Author: Crimson
    Description: Who knew that agreeing to cooperate in Twilight's most advanced magic experiment would quickly turn grim for Applejack, as she finds herself in an unknown city, with no way of getting home, and none of her friends to rely on.

    It certainly doesn't help that half the city's out to get her, for seemingly no reason at all.

    In a world where earth ponies are seen as the lowest rung of ponykind, Applejack must use whatever help she can to overcome her situation. Even if the only help available comes from some of the shadiest ponies she's ever met. And why are there so many things in this foreign land that remind her of home?

    It's only a matter of time before the past catches up with her.
    Time Waits For No Mare (New Part 8!)

    Additional Tags: Time Travel without Doctor Whooves
  • Comic: Between a Rock and a Hard Place / Mousecapade / When no one is watching

    Oh Rarity, no one cares about your gems when they are as common as pebbles in Equestria. 

    We also have some Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie, and Gummy dancing Gif style.  Click for full!

  • Enterplay Binders Begin Shipping Today!

    For all you card collecting fiends out there, Enterplay has begun shipping these out today with plans to get all the orders prepped and ready by Tuesday. I blame the holidays.

    As for the second draft of cards, those should pop up around the end of September. Hopefully you guys have your current runs all safely packed away, because a whole bunch of stuff is being fixed. First edition Charizard ain't got nothin on Princess Mi-Amore Cadenza!
  • Top 10 Voting Begins for August! Music and Video!

    I'm sure you all have some favorites from the last month, and it's time to decide on which are the BEST OF THE BEST!

    Both The Movie Brony and Saberspark have started up their monthly votes.   The more participation we get, the better the top 10 will be!  Have some links:

    Top Music Voting
    Top Video Voting

  • Zap2it's Season 3 Episode Summary Derp (Updated)

    A couple of you sent this one in with pretty much the same response as everyone else - "lolwut?".  Zap2it was pretty much our go-to place for episode summaries last season, so checking the upcoming episode hidden link daily is something a lot of people are doing right now. 

    Luckily we have Ace Reporter Whatshisgame to dig around and figure out what exactly went wrong!  Have his report:
    If you check the Zap2it TV listings website for a listing of the next MLPFiM episode, you’ll find a new listing titled “Friendship Is Magic Part 1, Strawberry Elves” with a premiere date of September 8, 2012. This airing doesn’t appear in their schedule for The Hub, but it does appear in their schedule for Treehouse TV, as does a My Big Big Friend airing titled “Derailed; Something Special; Strawberry Elves” the night beforehand. “Strawberry Elves” is the title of an episode of Manon, which is apparently a short show that airs between Treehouse’s regular shows, and looking at Zap2it’s Treehouse TV schedule, the titles of some of the other listings there similarly include titles of other Manon episodes. Thus, “Friendship Is Magic Part 1, Strawberry Elves” is most likely just a rerun of the MLPFiM episode “Friendship is Magic, part 1” paired with a rerun of the Manon episode “Strawberry Elves” and not anything to do with Season 3.
    So there you have it! Looks like a mixup with another show. 

    One thing to note: The Hub tends to announce new seasons of shows a few weeks in advance.  If season 3 does start in September, chances are it will be near the end. Lezgetreal makes a good point about their trend of running encore celebrations right before releasing new seasons.   With a September 9th Royal Wedding event in the works, there is a possibility that we will see it soon.  That's a pretty big stretch, but we can dream right?  Thanks to Masem for the link.

    tl;dr - Derpy Did it

    Update: Meghan McCarthy gives her two cents on the fate of the elves!

    Those poor poor elves.  I guess that's what they get for being made out of delicious blueberries?
  • Drawfriend Stuff #550

    Look at those dusty old books taking up all that space and requiring a light source.  Someone needs a tablet to read on!

    Have some art while I go introduce Twilight Sparkle to the marvels of the future and subsequently give her the same entertainment overload most of us in the 21st century suffer from.

    Source 1
    Burning the Midnight Oil
  • Story Updates August 31st (Afternoon)

    Story updates? Story updates. 

  • Story: Fighting Feelings


    Author: TAW
    Description: Rainbow Dash doesn't care for love. Applejack doesn't have time.
    So when a simple game goes wrong, then Dash's favourite fictional heroine's latest tale takes a turn for the romantic, why does she suddenly find herself with a rose between her teeth?
    Fighting Feelings

    Additional Tags: Horses do cute things together
  • Music: Hotel Discordia // Swing! Tavi Swing! // Fill Your Glass //

    Apathy their stepping stone,
    so unfeeling!
    Hidden deep animosity,
    so deceiving!

    You know what fixes a bad hair day, Cadance? Not being so blindingly pink. Dear Celestia, I can't even look at you. Except on Tuesdays. Then you're okay.

    Three vocal tracks: Hotel California, Octavia, and Berry Punch.

    1) Hotel Discordia (Discord Cover)
    2) Swing! Tavi Swing! - By Joaftheloaf
    3) Hirosashii - Fill Your Glass

  • Welovefine Favorites Competition Winners Chosen, Final Pony Battle Begins!

    One thing is for sure when it comes to Welovefine, when they contest, they contest BIG.  The top designs have been chosen for their respective ponies, coming out at 15 total, five for each.  It doesn't end there though!  We now have a big final run for a whopping 3000 bucks! And they said you couldn't make a living out of ponies! 

    And what won from each category? Have some links:

    Rainbow Dash
    Twilight Sparkle

    What can you do to help in the finals? Go vote!  Will you pick a shirt based on your favorite pony? Or will you grab the best possible design? Everything is in your hands!

    Head on down past the break for all the shirts in giant image format, including variations in colors of each. 

  • Nightly Roundup #424

    Junebug is actually quite an awesome looking pony! I can see why you guys voted for her for tonight's header. Let's hope this gives her some attention!

    Got a short one for you guys tonight, maybe this means I can get some sleep finally! Check for it all after the break and leave a comment on what header I should use for my last Roundup for the week!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 30 - Dawn of the Final Day

    My dearest students, the time is upon us. You've worked long and hard over the course of the month, and now we have reached the very end. You've learned, you've grown, you've struggled and fought on, and now you have but one final exam remaining. I'm so proud of you! It doesn't matter how many themes you submitted for, or even if you just left a kind word for an artist or two, if you've taken part, you've helped to make the Newbie Artists Training Grounds the most successful event in the history of Equestria Daily! Tonight alone you've brought me another 318 ponies, continuing your world-shattering pace. Our total leading into our very last day is 15909 images. Our stated goal of 16,000 for the event is within reach! Keep at it guys, this is the very last one.

    To submit for Day 30, follow the link and go nuts. The limiters have been released, as this is doubling as a make-up gallery. I think you'll find a challenge waiting for you inside. To ask a question, make a comment, or say goodbye, see me in my office at [email protected].

    Now, some of you seemed to be under the impression you were done. Not quite, my little artists! Our very last theme and last assignment is a chance to take a look back and learn exactly how far you've come: Draw any previous theme/Submit a late entry. Note that these things are distinctive. I want you out there drawing new things! See how much stronger your composition has gotten. See how far you've come by redoing a theme from the past. Give me new ponies, so we can go out with a bang. And, for the hardest of core, take our bonus challenge: Draw every single theme in one day. Here is your list. The limiters have been released. Do me proud.

    And now, the gallery. Pomp and Circumpony. I can't believe how great everyone has gotten, and I can't believe that I only get to go through all of your wonderful work one more time before I have to let you go. I'm not... really sure what to do with myself right now. It's meant so much to me to see you all learn and grow and try. You've been the most wonderful students I could ever have asked for. Thank you. Party hard, but don't forget to turn in your final projects.
  • 3D Model / Papercraft Sugarcube Corner

    Julius Perdana over at Paper-Replica has created this amazing looking Sugar Cube Corner 3d Model, and to top it off, there is a template on the page you can grab to build your very own paper rendition of it!

    Head on over here for a whole bunch of images showing off different aspects and views of it. 
  • Discussion: Your Non-Pony Loving Friend Gives You One Shot...

    It's no secret that Friendship is Magic has a gigantic galaxy sized hurdle in place that turns people off just on the "My Little Pony" alone.  We all probably have at least a few friends that absolutely refuse to give the show a shot. 

    I'm actually going to drop a real life example that literally happened just the other day.  While playing Guild Wars 2 with one of my old internet buddies from my WoW/EQ days, I had the opportunity to show off some pony after months of absolute refusal.  His stance is what most people that have never seen it share - it's a cartoon for pre-teen girls about colorful horses who's greatest fear in life is getting their mane cut and chasing butterflies.  What better way to dispel that than Lesson Zero, right? Clearly sonic rainbow nukes and Fluttershy going Jackie Chan on a grizzly bear would completely obliterate those perceptions!  I had only a few minutes, so in a rush, I grabbed the nearest video with said nukes and tossed it his way.... without watching the end.  Needless to say after a few minutes of laughing, it went the complete opposite direction. 

    So here is the discussion post for all of you!  Your friend who has never even glanced at the show has given you the same opportunity to show him/her what it's got.  What do you toss their way?

    And as a bonus: What specifically converted you? I know a bunch of people ended up giving it a shot after running into a PMV.  

    Toss your stuff in the comments below!

  • Budding Friendships OST Released

    As many of you are probably aware, including those that have any sort of affinity to the Harvest Moon series, Budding Friendships is off there on the horizon.  And similar to the game it's borrowing it's design off of, it has some pretty great backtracks to grow your carrots and lettuce to!

    They recently released their game OST as a bit of a teaser to let you all know it's still in progress. Check the announcement video out after the break, and the music here!

  • Vocal Music: Return / Where Are we Now / The Diamond in Her Soul

    I wonder why changelings have such a hard time in Equestria? I bet people in our world would be all over an obsessive love sprite that can change shape at will,  assuming they don't do that mind control voodoo.   These guys are just approaching it the wrong way with the sneaky hostile takeover stuff!

    Have some music! We have two tracks in the first and third slots with a whole bunch of autotune and electronicyness, and some rap in the middle to break it up some!

    1.) Artattack and Metajoker - Return (Video by MyLittleVisuals)
    2.) Where Are We Now
    3.) Blaze - The Diamond In Her Soul

  • Crazy High Quality Pony Jewelry

    I don't really do that jewelry thing, but if I did, I'd do this jewelry thing.   ChaoticBrony over on Deviant Art has been busting out some really cool stuff for a while now.  This one in particular is hand crafted with sterling silver wire and quartz, with plans for going up for auction at the Canterlot Gardens Charity Auction.

    Anyway, head on down past the break to check out the rest of his stuff!
  • Custom Compilation #83

    Thank goodness Rainbow Dash is loyal to her friends otherwise the show would have ended after episode 2. Still, she sure does look awesome in a Shadowbolts outfit!

    Customs coming at you after the break!

    Source 1
    :Commission: Element of Disloyalty

  • Equestria Inquirer Interviews Wootie, Sibsy, Big Jim Miller, Raven, and More!

    We have a bit of late stuff coming out of Everfree Northwest, namely the production staff interviews Equestria Inquirer pulled off.  Head on down past the break to check them out!  I can say from personal experience, the entire team is awesome.

  • Ponies Invade IGN

    Yep, it's official.  Ponies are everywhere.   I can't go 10 links on the internet without running into something with a Rainbow Dash cutie mark or Fluttershy meme.

    Anyway, check out that dude with the badass beard above in the video below talking about Metal Gear Solid.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #549

    Twilight has the best house.  I always did want to build a legit tree house.

    Have some art while I go plan for that.

    Source 1
    Golden Oaks Library
  • Story Updates August 30th (Afternoon)

    Run away rainbow dash! They are all coming!

    Have some story updates.

  • Story: Those Blue Wings (Update Complete!)


    Author: Tchernobog
    Description: A short trip to Canterlot with Rainbow Dash and Applejack is the perfect opportunity for Twilight to test out her new long-distance Teleportation spell. But a nasty cold dashes the hopes of a quick trip, and makes the spell disappear in smoke: instead of arriving in Canterlot, the three find themselves in the nearby Everfree Forest, and discover that their location is not the only thing that went wrong.
    While Rainbow has exchanged her wings and tail for a straw blond frond, Applejack has acquired a rainbow tail as well as a pair of strong, blue wings. 

    While Twilight attempts to find a spell to return the body parts to their rightful owners, the others must attempt to deal with this situation... and with their changing feelingss
    Those Blue Wings (New Part 15)

    Additional Tags: Spell gone wrong, sneezing, mixed bodies
  • Game: Derpy's Story

    You are bubbles, and bubbles just happen to be the equivalent of a cat vs a laserpen for Derpy.  Guide her through the creepy Everfree Forest, dodging timberwolves, sticker buches, and traversing fallen logs.

    It can actually get pretty challenging later on! If you are curious about the health system, the mouse cursor actually shows it with the number of bubbles.

    Anyway, check the game out here!
  • Albums: Warfilly / Hell Muffins / Nocturne of the Firmaments / The Science of Friendship / Epic Final Bosses / Let's Buck Sh** Up

    More albums? More albums. We have something for everyone this time around!

    I think we might set a required number of songs for these in the future! What do you guys think of eight per?  And for future posts, please include a genre with your album email, as well as the description

    Head on down past the break and click the images to shop around.

  • Story: Who We Are

    [Slice of Life] "Who We Are is a powerful meditation on the nature of trust, self, and honesty. This story is as moving as it is adorable." -Pre-reader who hates shipping like a cockatrice hates mirrors

    Author: kits
    Description: A letter from Celestia interrupts one of Pinkie's parties with disturbing news. Now friendships will be pushed to the limit as Twilight struggles to uncover which of her friends is not who, or even what, she appears to be.
    Who We Are

    Additional Tags: Friendship, not romance, still PinkieDash

  • Vocal Music: Luna's Lullaby / Great and Powerful / The Adventurer

    We start today off with some vocal music aimed at Luna, followed by a bit of GREAT AND POWERFUL rap, and finish off with an acoustic song dedicated to everyone's favorite Indiana Jones mare. Check them out below!

    1.) Luna's Lullaby
    2.) Koroshi-Ya - Great and Powerful
    3.) The Adventurer (ft. BassBeastJD)

  • Nightly Roundup #423

    It was rather close, but it looks like Braeburn wins header tonight! Poor guy is a little under appreciated, but at least Apple Bloom seems to appreciate him just fine!

    Time for news guys! Check it out after the break and also make sure to suggest tomorrow's header!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 29

    Everypony needs some time to charge up their batteries after a hard day's work or in Derpy's case after a quick muffin break. If I could put lithium ion batteries in all my food maybe my fridge wouldn't be so empty... Anyhow, hello again everyone! Calpain here one last time as we begin to bring the Training Grounds to a close. Tonight we've got an electrifying 320 charging and moving ponies for your viewing pleasure! This brings our grand total to an astonishing 15591 pony images. That is a heck of a lot of pony!

    For those of you looking to submit to Day 29, just click the link and fill out the form as usual! For any questions, concerns, or suggestions send them to the ever lovely Phoe at [email protected].

    Today marks a special day in the Artist Training Grounds, a day where we begin to wrap up another year of training, hard work, perseverance, and most importantly, fun. You've all come such a long way and it has been a pleasure to watch you grow over the past month! The amount of effort and dedication you all have exhibited is admirable and you all deserve a well earned pat on the back and a good rest. In honor of all your hard work today's theme is Draw a Pony Celebrating / Draw a Pony Graduating.

    As for our gallery of delightful charging and moving ponies you can find it here for your viewing pleasure! Make sure to tune in tomorrow as our gracious host and best Blog Princess Phoe gives her closing remarks and presents the very final theme. Have a good one you guys and I hope you continue to practice after all of this is over! I'd love to see your works grace this site again someday.
  • PMV: Barbara Ann / Party with Pinkie - By MusicalPony / MLP: Fighting is Magic Fan-made Intro

    We have a whole bunch of pinkie pie GOING CRAZY and an unnofficial intro for Fighting is Magic this time around.  You might just go blind before ever reaching it though what with all the CHAOS Pinkie brings.  Check them out below!

    1.) Barbara Ann
    2.) [PMV] My Little Pony: Pinkie's reality ----- Song - Party with Pinkie - By MusicalPony
    3.) MLP: Fighting is Magic Fan-made Intro

  • JetBlue Asking Community for a Pony Name!

    Awhile back we reported about jetBlue's twitter folk being very pony friendly! An event leading to the creation of jetBlue's OC by hezaa as you see above. You'd think that would have been the end of it, but as things are with pony that turned out not to be the case. Now jetBlue's twitter employees are asking for help with naming their little mascot!

    Suggestions will be collected and sent to the jetBlue twitter team and they'll choose their favorites. Once they have picked those we might hold a voting session on the best name! After all, it is a community effort.

    Check out the unfolding saga of the jetBlue Twitter ponies and leave a suggestion on what to name this little filly after the break!

  • National Pony Writing Month Final Push!

    Are your fingers tired yet? Cause you aren't done yet! Noble Cause has your final push briefing below! 

  • Pony Happy Meal Toys heading to the Middle East!

    It looks like the McDonalds pony toys have started popping up all over the middle east! Some are planned for a September drop, while others are already letting them and their Transformers counterparts loose.  So far the following countries have been confirmed by the UAE Brony Facebook page:

    :bulletblack: Bahrain
    :bulletblack: Egypt
    :bulletblack: Jordan
    :bulletblack: Kuwait
    :bulletblack: Oman
    :bulletblack: Qatar
    :bulletblack: Saudi Arabia (Jeddah sector)
    :bulletblack: Saudi Arabia (Riyadh sector)
    :bulletblack: United Arab Emirates

    Sadly, Cheerilee has been dropped from the equasion.  The poor girl...   She was so excited too.  I don't know who this Lillyblossom upstart is, but that's not the best teacher on the planet that I've come to know and love. 

    Actually, maybe I shouldn't insult her based on our 2011 predictions of characters... 

    Thanks to Assad for the heads up and lists!