• Albums: Warfilly / Hell Muffins / Nocturne of the Firmaments / The Science of Friendship / Epic Final Bosses / Let's Buck Sh** Up

    More albums? More albums. We have something for everyone this time around!

    I think we might set a required number of songs for these in the future! What do you guys think of eight per?  And for future posts, please include a genre with your album email, as well as the description

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    Misician: Achehole
    Description:  The first of and maybe not last Achehole Pony release. A three song EP of genre jumping* tracks that are sure to leave at least a few listeners a bit confused as to what they just heard! Comprising of one song about the (in)famous Hot Diggedy Demon video, SHED.MOV, another about everyone's favorite orange and purple pegasi, and the final track is about the Lord of Chaos himself! Download now, ABSOLUTELY FREE! (* = industrial-swing-noise-jazz sums it up nicely)

    Hell Muffin

    Musician: Bagpipe Brony
    Description: Heavily electronic album with a sassy theme to it. Features well liked figures in the Brony community such as Psychedelic Brony and DJ Shamrock of Celestia Radio.


    Nocturne of the Firmaments 

    Musician: Belgerum
    Description: This album is comprised of ten movements of orchestral chamber music in varying styles, all of which are renditions of the ten movements described within the MLP fanfic, "Background Pony." In the storyline, the pieces weave together a magical enchantment, altering the course of Lyra's life. The original descriptions of each movement can be found in the fanfic, which can be found on Fimfiction.net: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/19198/Background-Pony

    The Science of Friendship

    Musician: Gremlin
    Description: The debut EP by Gremlin, an aspiring DnB producer fresh to the scene. Includes the upbeat Royal Canterlot Wobble, the popular Equestrian Innovations, the sonic monstrosity Loudmouth, and a grimy remix of Pinkie Cake's "Pinkamena LOCO Pie"! Album is name your price, donations appreciated.

    Epic Final Bosses 1/2

    Musician: Nicholas Basch
    Description: The whole idea behind the project was depicting the ponies in the show as a final boss in a video game. The writing was largely based around character traits of each pony (trixie is known for her magic, so the music has a slightly touhou-esque feel, and fluttershy has two constrasts, one being soft, and then into a very angry sound), so as to exemplify how they would act as a boss fight.

    All the themes are orchestral, some of them incoporate drums and guitars (rock, or metal), and one (fluttershy) has a Drum and Bass style.

    Let's Buck Sh^t Up

    Musician: Multiple Artists
    Description: Noisecore, speedcore, hardcore, etc album organized by Supersaw Hoover, featuring folks like Dave!