• Drawfriend Stuff #550

    Look at those dusty old books taking up all that space and requiring a light source.  Someone needs a tablet to read on!

    Have some art while I go introduce Twilight Sparkle to the marvels of the future and subsequently give her the same entertainment overload most of us in the 21st century suffer from.

    Source 1
    Burning the Midnight Oil

    Source 2
    Lantern festival

    Source 3
    Celestia Raises the Sun

    Source 4
    Come Get It

    Source 5

    Source 6
    Gala Fashion 2012 - Luna

    Source 7
    Rarity dancing cactus

    Source 8
    Princess of Loyalty

    Source 9
    Stolen Pants

    Source 10
    Knowledge and Power

    Source 11
    Hot Plot

    Source 12
    CMC and the Giant's House

    Source 13
    Commission: Hot Spring

    Source 14

    Source 15
    Twilight Sparkle Nouveau redux

    Source 16

    Source 17
    Gamer Luna

    Source 18
    Where is your princess now

    Source 19
    Windy Mane Pixelkitties

    Source 20
    Not What I Had In Mind...

    Source 21
    Commission: The Professor and his Assistant

    Source 22
    Brony Bazaar Poster

    Source 23
    A nice, relaxing day

    Source 24
    MLP - Midnight, The Stars And You

    Source 25

    Source 26

    Source 27
    EqD ATG II - Day 29 - Pony Graduate

    Saucy Mayor

    Source 28
    Midnight Devilwitch Blingbling (And Friends)

    Source 30
    Good Day, Good Mane