• Zap2it's Season 3 Episode Summary Derp (Updated)

    A couple of you sent this one in with pretty much the same response as everyone else - "lolwut?".  Zap2it was pretty much our go-to place for episode summaries last season, so checking the upcoming episode hidden link daily is something a lot of people are doing right now. 

    Luckily we have Ace Reporter Whatshisgame to dig around and figure out what exactly went wrong!  Have his report:
    If you check the Zap2it TV listings website for a listing of the next MLPFiM episode, you’ll find a new listing titled “Friendship Is Magic Part 1, Strawberry Elves” with a premiere date of September 8, 2012. This airing doesn’t appear in their schedule for The Hub, but it does appear in their schedule for Treehouse TV, as does a My Big Big Friend airing titled “Derailed; Something Special; Strawberry Elves” the night beforehand. “Strawberry Elves” is the title of an episode of Manon, which is apparently a short show that airs between Treehouse’s regular shows, and looking at Zap2it’s Treehouse TV schedule, the titles of some of the other listings there similarly include titles of other Manon episodes. Thus, “Friendship Is Magic Part 1, Strawberry Elves” is most likely just a rerun of the MLPFiM episode “Friendship is Magic, part 1” paired with a rerun of the Manon episode “Strawberry Elves” and not anything to do with Season 3.
    So there you have it! Looks like a mixup with another show. 

    One thing to note: The Hub tends to announce new seasons of shows a few weeks in advance.  If season 3 does start in September, chances are it will be near the end. Lezgetreal makes a good point about their trend of running encore celebrations right before releasing new seasons.   With a September 9th Royal Wedding event in the works, there is a possibility that we will see it soon.  That's a pretty big stretch, but we can dream right?  Thanks to Masem for the link.

    tl;dr - Derpy Did it

    Update: Meghan McCarthy gives her two cents on the fate of the elves!

    Those poor poor elves.  I guess that's what they get for being made out of delicious blueberries?