• National Pony Writing Month Final Push!

    Are your fingers tired yet? Cause you aren't done yet! Noble Cause has your final push briefing below! 

    Fillies! Gentlecolts! Lend me your quills! ... no, really, my last one broke, I'm out, and Davenport's being pushy about me buying a sofa while I'm there.

    Okay, now that the silly's out of the way, here's the low-down.  As of the time of this post (sometime on August 29th), you have on the order of 48 hours to make one final push towards 50 K if you're after it.  45,200 should be where you're at for that particular milestone.  Haven't gotten beyond 500 words? that's okay! Proceeded to write a 120 K epic that would make Melville spin in his grave fast enough to power Neighvada? Awesome sauce.

    Above all, despite this being the last few days of the event (and I'll have a round-up post at the end of the week, probably Saturday) I hope you've all had fun.  Maybe you've gotten down an idea or two to work on later.  Maybe you've finally written that one-shot you've had brewing in your skull for the last two and a half months.  Maybe you're brand new to writing and only got 50 words in.  All of this? perfectly fine.  I couldn't be prouder.  This event is larger than the one last year by a sizeable margin, and the turnout, both in authors trying their hoof and the amount of words churned out (I'm watching a few of you... whoof!) is nothing but fantastic.

    So.  Forty eight hours, give or take.  What do you do if you're done? throw it at me, like some of you have already.  If you're not finished? that's fine too.  Toss me what'cha got, once the event is over at 12 midnight local time on September 1st.  That means you can write up until 11:59 p.m. on August 31st, but as soon as it ticks over to 12, you stop, save, get your word count, and punt it at me.

    For those curious about the roundup, here's how an author listing would look:

    Author name here - Title of work(s) here - Word count - Link to fic (if you want to be linked.  DO let me know if you don't want to be)

    In other words, myself for example:

    Noble Cause - Coffee and Tea - 3376 - no link available

    The above is how it'd shake out.  All right my pretty ponies, that's all I've got for now! Send questions, comments and death threats to [email protected]!  I await the first two, and the last I set on fire and use to cook my s'mores!