• JetBlue Asking Community for a Pony Name!

    Awhile back we reported about jetBlue's twitter folk being very pony friendly! An event leading to the creation of jetBlue's OC by hezaa as you see above. You'd think that would have been the end of it, but as things are with pony that turned out not to be the case. Now jetBlue's twitter employees are asking for help with naming their little mascot!

    Suggestions will be collected and sent to the jetBlue twitter team and they'll choose their favorites. Once they have picked those we might hold a voting session on the best name! After all, it is a community effort.

    Check out the unfolding saga of the jetBlue Twitter ponies and leave a suggestion on what to name this little filly after the break!

     The saga of ponies and jetBlue continued after a post by Morgan Johnston, the Manager of Corporate Communication for jetBlue tweeted the message below.

    Besides this, the jetBlue Twitter feed continued to post various pony pictures by granting a request to the programming director of Midwestria. Now you might think that such posts on a big corporate Twitter like jetBlue may get them in trouble, but according to Mr. Johnston everything is cool after he briefed his team about the pony thing.

    In fact, one of the attendees at the meeting was upset that the OC pony designed for jetBlue didn't have a name yet!
    While Jet Blue would be a perfectly fine name, the name is apparently already taken/ to similar to an actual racing horse!

    So in an effort to come up with an original name for their OC pony they would like the community to help come up with suggestions!

    Lastly, to show you how pony friendly they are, Mr. Johnston apparently likes the message our community has despite not being a brony himself and he also apparently knows about EqD!

    Anyhow, you heard the folks! Now is our time to give these good people some suggestions! As I mentioned above, all you need to do is leave your name suggestion in the comments and they will be collected and sent to the jetBlue Twitter team. Find a list of already popular names below!

    Popular Names:
    Magic Blue
    Chipper Blues
    Blue Flier

    Pony artists, not wanting to miss out on the excitement around all this, are currently creating a custom jetBlue pony and a trading card! All thanks to the wonderfully talented @omgwtflols and @BeckieRGB, whose progress on their pieces can be followed on their Twitter accounts.

    Finally, links to the Twitter accounts of the great people at jetBlue making this happen!
    @MHJohnston - Manager of Corporate Communications at jetBlue
    @TisStef - jetBlue Tweeter that originally started all this!
    @Fahrenheit350 - Another pro pony jetBlue Tweeter

    Also, a big thanks to @foalpapers for helping dig up these tweets as we worked on this together. You rock man!

    Small Note: The cutie mark is actually a blue potato! It's a reference to a blue potato chip snack served on jetBlue flights.