• Equestria Daily Current Staff and Volunteer Page 2018 Edition

    Many a person was confused at who our staff actually are these days, and the original staff page was getting pretty outdated. Here is the new, fully updated page including all new additions with the EQD Forums and moderation teams.

    Get a full listing of all staff below! For an about us section, be sure to go to this page.

    For a list of retired staffers, head on over here to check them out!

    Blogponies / Main Staff Writers

    Founder / Primary Site Runner

    Seth's Twitter

    Seth's Interview

    Bio: Posting ponies and there is nothing you can do about it!  I use the exclamation point way too much, play Skype/Discord/Steam social whack-a-mole for one half the day, and dig through emails for the other half.

    People seem to think I like Trixie a little bit too much! To them I say: Pretty much.

    (Honestly Twilight Sparkle Sweet Velvet is my favorite pony~)

    My OC apparently got locked in a cube or something, so have my bat.

    Community liason, Second in Command

    Calpain's Twitter

    Calpain's Interview

    Bio: Serving second in command on the website, Calpain first stumbled into the offices of EqD seeking employment in the Equestrian Innovations division. While waiting to pass Equestrian Innovations extensive battery of background checks and tests he was given a job as blog author in order to keep him from constantly mailing stuff in to the site. Currently mans a number of features on the site, particularly Roundups, Nightly Discussions, Spotlights, Comics, and anything that needs posting.

    Joined the fandom in February 2011 and actively began participating in pony communities starting in April that year. Currently looking into teaching as a career after spending two years on a Masters Degree studying Alzheimer's Disease and two years of a PhD studying Parkinson's Disease. Is also an editor Ask Gaming Princess Luna and Hunters of Salamanstra by John Joseco. He also runs the excellent Steven Universe fansite The Beach City Bugle.

    Programmer / Mobile APP Developer

    GameLeon's Twitter

    GameLeon's Interview 

    Bio: Around September 2012 Gameleon contacted Sethisto about a little app he was creating to view EQD posts. Over the following 6 months this little app would evolve to become what is now known as the Equestria Daily app, done just in time to be released for the Season 3 finale news.
    Let's just say the app was properly stress tested during Gameleon's first few days on the team.

    Learning about the fandom in November 2011 and becoming a more active member after the app was released in March 2013, Gameleon is now part of the EQD team as app developer.
    Aside from his app development duties, his contribution to EQD consist of posting minor news posts, and confusing us all with a 7-9 hour time difference and kilometers.

    The Illustrious Q
    Official My Little Pony Comic Reporter

    Illustrious Q's Twitter 

    Illustrious Q's Interview

    Bio: Joined the fandom in March of 2011, first brand new episode he watched live was Over a Barrel. If you think you've seen his name before, you'd be absolutely right. Part of his free time—when he isn't playing Star Trek Online or working on getting materials ready for EQD—he spends as a pre-reader/editor for the king of MLP:FiM fan fiction: Pen Stroke.

    His passion lies in the comic industry, which he one day hopes on breaking into as a comic writer. Will that dream possibly come true? Only time will tell.

    Be sure to check out the complete IDW My Little Pony Checklist.

    Music Manager

    Bio: ExplodingPonyToast joined the fandom in late 2011 just as season 2 was beginning to air. He helped create Everfree Radio's inaugural top 100 pony songs at the end of 2011, organised a heap of local meet ups in 2012 and 2013, and in 2014 he became part of the administration team for Ponies at Dawn. Since then, he has helped organise numerous music projects such as Horse Music Herald and Cider Party, as well as becoming the lead admin of Ponies at Dawn. Also a creator of pony music himself, his other hobbies involve cricket, anime and video games such as Pokemon, whilst in his day job as a student he studies nanotechnology.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexAshendenEPT
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ExplodingPonyToast
    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/explodingponytoast

    Silver Quill
    Comic Reviewer / Editorial Writer

    Silver Quill first took a step into the Brony fandom by submitting a comic to Equestria Daily. It did not get a posting. But reading the comics that did make it inspired him to try again, and that comic did make the cut. One comic led to another, and then the Princess Twilight debate happened. After seeing fans argue back and forth, Silver tried his hand at video production and eventually created the “After the Fact” series. His role in the fandom has grown far beyond anything he anticipated, and the future continues to change and surprise. Having been a part of the fandom since 2012, he sees it as a gathering place for creativity and no matter how much drama or conflict arises he still sees this as a positive force. 

    We Are Borg
    Editorial Writer / Reviewer

    WeAreBorg’s Twitter

    Bio: Joined EQD after 4 years of whining to do so proving once again, that resistance is futile. Borg started in the fandom by running game servers for EQD’s steam group in 2012. In 2013 he became the Associate Director for Ponyville Live! and helped run the pony media conglomerate through its hay days of media wars, convention coverage, and some of the best brony music ever made. He’s also been sighted running lucrative PR and marketing campaigns for BABSCon and Nightmare Nights Dallas. Marriage to the lovely Cynder has mellowed him now and the once fearsome Borg pony now dedicates his time to his family, assimilation, and an occasional EQD editorial. WeAreBorg is also the Head of Friendship is Gaming and Owner of Best Pony Radio.

    The Slorg
    Editorial Writer

    Bio: TheSlorg joined the fandom in late 2011 as he searched for old G1 cartoons to show his daughter. A very happy pony born into a dark, cruel world, Slorgy is just as likely to hug you and whisper, "It's okay," as he is to tear your story to pieces and burn the scraps. He'll be smiling regardless of which action he chooses.

    Slorgy has written a few stories himself, and it was during a freak writing accident that he was suddenly transformed into a certain female background pony. He doesn't mind, though. It just makes the hugs that much weirder.

    Editorial Writer

    Aquaman's Interview

    Bio: Aqua's remarkable life began many years ago, when he unleashed himself upon the world by punching his way out of his mother's womb and immediately defeating the entire nursing staff in an arm wrestling/raw-steak-eating contest.  After coaching the Toronto Blue Jays to their second straight world series title, Aqua decided that he desired a more lasting impact on the world around him, and promptly shat out the entire Internet we all know and love today, gradually releasing more content when he felt the people of Earth were prepared for it and/or whenever he went to Chipotle.  Wealthy from his successes with this new invention, as well as his nearly prophetic stock picks and his side career as a semi-professional cat herder, Aqua soon became curious about the hitherto unknown comforts of provincial life.  As a result, he rechristened himself with a more common name and lived as a normal, mild-mannered American child until the spring of 2011, when his curiosity was piqued by his discovery of the untapped wonders of what many mortals refer to simply as... ponies.  And the rest, as said mortals also tend to say, is history.

    Cereal Velocity
    Editorial Writer

    Cereal's Twitter

    Cereal's Interview

    Bio: Joined the fandom in early January 2011, and started writing articles and posts for the blog about a month later because he bothered Seth so much that he decided that it would be easier to make him an author than continue to put up with him. Has penned many works of original pony fiction, including a writing guide for new creative writers. Practices visual effects and motion graphics work with his Equestrian Innovations series. Professional software developer. Rarity best pony.

    Couch Crusader
    Editorial Writer

    Couch Crusader's Twitter

    Couch Crusader's Interview

    Bio: Couch Crusader is living, breathing proof that if you work hard and throw the right bricks through the right windows, you'll be picking up broken glass for a very long time. He spends most of his waking hours getting his hooves wet. When he isn't, he likes to stand behind you and force eye contact.
    Couch continues to pre-read fics for Equestria Daily, writes terrifyingly long episode followups, and covers conventions with business and pleasure. He also inspires English majors everywhere by being gainfully employed. Or ires them. These things go 50/50.

    Pegasus Rescue Brigade
    Convention Reporter

    Pegasus Rescue Brigade's Interview

    Bio: Pegasus Rescue Brigade’s years of experience in saving ponies in mortal peril has prepared him for stressful and potentially life threatening situations. Like, for instance, working for Equestria Daily.

    PRB happened across the fandom right around the end of Season 1 and immediately took to EQD as his main source for pony news. After a year or so of churning out pony fanfiction, he took a job with Equestria Daily’s pre-reading staff. Continually interested in helping with the site’s affairs whenever possible, PRB offered his help on a number of odd-jobs behind the scenes for Sethisto, and eventually found himself promoted to blog author status.

    PRB is also active in the pony community outside of EQD, being involved with a few other ongoing projects and podcasts. His favorite pony is Derpy Hooves.

    The Masked Ferret: 
    Pre-reader (Fanfiction Submission) Head

    The Masked Ferret's Interview

    Bio: The masked ferret (Mustela putorius furo) is the domesticated form of the European Polecat, a mammal belonging to the weasel genus of the family Mustelidae. She loves kibble, squeaky toys, and hiding in shoes. Sometimes she will hey did you see that rainbow? It was awesome. kinda like Celestia's mane... but anyways I really love reading silly fics and talking to authors all day long. Things have only gotten better now that I can sometimes sneak posts onto EQD!

    My Little Pony Card Game Reporter

    Bio: Cups, aka The Pre-Reader Formerly Known as Cupcakes, fled from his fanfiction duties at EQD to go off and dabble. He helped found BronyCon and ran its 4000+ badge registration department in 2012, created the Humble Brony Bundle, and wrote most of the official Enterplay MLP trading cards. Cups is now on the development team for the My Little Pony CCG, lording over the flavor and theming of the cards, and is the dedicated columnist for the CCG on Equestria Daily. Reports of his alicornification have been greatly exaggerated.

    Web Developer / Game Index 

    Hypermark's Interview

    Bio: Late May, 2011, he saw a bunch of rainbow horses and wanted to see what all the hullabaloo was about, and took part in the first New Artist Training Grounds under a different handle. His made up horse character resides in a tree house outside the Whitetail Wood. Later on, he somehow got in contact with Seth and was tasked with making EQD Music. Raises Dongers, catches all the Pok√©mons, and makes internets happen. 

    Editorial Writer

    Bio: Author of the Wavelengths Timeline (and many others), Project Lead of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm and designer of many a FimFic cover, Novel-Idea discovered MLP:FiM toward the end of Season 3 and thoroughly enjoyed it while everyone else was panicking about technicolor humans and magical wings.

    After helping lead the charge to 50K in National Pony Writing Month in 2016, Novel returned in 2017 and orchestrated the greatest NaPoWriMo to date! After NaNo’s success (and only three straightjackets, a new personal record!), Novel stumbled upon the insane idea of helping out Equestria Daily with a deeper coverage of MLP fanfiction. He’s now enjoying his latest straightjacket. It’s purple.

    When not in his straightjackets, Novel’s obsessively writing a minimum of 1,000 words a day on his lunch breaks, usually about Sunset Shimmer and/or Shipping and/or Deerponies. When not doing that, he spends time with his wife, Painted Heart and his two daughters, Primary Colour and Sunny Stage.

    Editorial Writer / Head Moderator

    Bio: Algernon97, or alger for short, joined the pony fandom back in 2011. He spent the next three years lurking around various pony websites. One day, he wandered into the EQD Nightly Discussion and said something. He's been a semi-regular there ever since.

    Despite being painfully shy and cursed with a lack of confidence, in 2017 alger was talked into applying for a job at EQD by a mysterious creature known only as "Socky." He now writes editorials for the site and has no idea how he got this far.

    In his spare time, alger reads books and doodles something every once in a blue moon. He also studies film and hopes to be a director someday.

    Editorial Writer

    Bio: Conducting yet another ordinary hunt for music on youtube, Platonic stumbled upon a "Giggle at the Ghostly" remix in the summer of 2011. Since then she's been a fan of the show spending copious amounts of her free time watching magical small horses and analyzing their characters.

    She discovered EQD when researching the Japan Pony Con of Autumn 2014. Since then she's been using the site for all her pony news. Now she writes editorials hoping to offer topics for community discussion and thought.

    Editorial Writer

    Bio:The Skullivan serves as the main admin for one of the largest Bronies fan communities on Facebook. With a passion for narrative analysis and a knack for using far, FAR too many words to describe things, he’s known for his unnecessarily lengthy episode recaps and breakdowns. Through canny utilization of his markedly esoteric lexicon, he has managed to confuse Sethisto into granting him a position as an editorial writer for EQD.

    The Skullivan accidentally stumbled headfirst into the brony fandom shortly before season 2 began airing in 2011, when he got sick and tired of the entire internet talking about this dumb horse cartoon and begrudgingly decided to watch an episode to find out what all the fuss was about. When not spending too much time and too many words thinking about ponies, The Skullivan can usually be found playing all of the video games. Simultaneously.

    Editorial Writer

    Bio:Somewhere, lost in the made-up country of Canada, Marvel&Ponder can be found at any time making her Sunset and Sci-Twi plush toys kiss (this because Marvel's girlfriend said she needed more sunlight). Marvel's been a fan of show since the second season, but due to the intense demands of being a shipper, has only just begun trying to be a contributing member of society.

    Now, the dork occasionally writes fanfics and editorials in order to avoid doing other work that's due right at this moment. Help her.

    Cobalt Comet
    Editorial Writer

    Bio: I am the cuteness that eeee's in the night! I am the mango-muncher that loves to give a good fright! I am... a very silly bat who loves a good reference too, apparently. But I am also Cobalt Comet, and welcome to my little staff biography.

    What is there to say about Cobalt? Some of you may formerly know me as "Octavia". I have been apart of this crazy fandom and community since it's very early and humble beginnings back in late 2010 after watching the first episode of season one when it originally aired.

    When I'm not partaking in things MLP-related, I have many other hobbies as well such as cars (especially classics), all types of videogames, art and animation, computer hardware and software, history and antiques, and a plethora of others!


    Bio: Born some 350 dog years ago, Augie has been paid Real Actual Money for his writings from places like Tor Books, Asimov's Science Fiction magazine, the Writers of the Future anthology, and the annual Sword and Sorceress story collections.  A trained service animal, he's allowed to assist patrons at the local library, to lead the baying at the local Catholic church, and to bark over the airwaves every Sunday afternoon at the local university radio station.  He is not, however, allowed up on the sofa.  I mean, let's not get carried away here!


    Bio: Pre-reader 63.546 was plucked from a greasy alleyway in a desperate attempt to fill a long-standing but obscure statute that the staff employ a village idiot. Luckily, he fit the bill quite well.

    However, horror of horrors, beneath the strangely root-beer smelling crust of buffoonery lay... another layer of buffoonery. But below that second layer... and several others... lurked a brutish single-mindedness to make the streets run red with the blood of those who would splice commas.

    "But he doesn't know any better!" the blogponies would cry. "We can't lock him away with only a stack of Mary Sue stories and some hardtack. Right? Oh, we can? That's it, then."

    Purportedly reformed, he will take a story, nary a glimmer of recognition in his eye, and slowly hand back a list of corrections too long for an intelligent person to have compiled. At least he keeps the grebes at bay. Stupid birds.

    Present Perfect

    Bio:  What can be said of him? Oh, yes, there are the usual matters. Height, weight, the faint odor of garlic in his wake... But no, I believe you're looking for something a bit more memorable. Something tangible, concrete, or distinct... well, I'm afraid none of these adjectives really apply. You see, he's a phantom. A shadow. A sense of encroaching dread mixed with a nigh-palpable ennui. He's a myth, a legend, and in some circles his name is whispered in fervent prayer.

    You must understand. There are none who can tell you what he looks like. Any who meet him face to face are never heard from again. No, no, they do not die. They simply stop responding. Whether in fear, or shock, or awe, or any number of other possible emotions, those he encounters spend the rest of their days laughing quietly to themselves, a far-off look in their eye. They never eat, nor drink, nor sleep.

    The last one took seven weeks to finally fade away. All the while, the quiet chuckle continued, even after the EKG said he was dead.
    I've said too much.

    Dubs Rewatcher

    Bio: It’s generally accepted among those “in the know” that Dubs Rewatcher is the reincarnation of an ancient Sumerian god. In the year 2011, Dubs was banished to Earth and chained to a rock, where everyday he is forced to read and write My Little Pony fanfiction for the amusement of the humans.

    Now, having accepted his fate, Dubs spends his days pre-reading fics for EqD, honing his craft, and writing way too many fics about multicolored horses/scarily thin humans kissing each other. Critics have called his work “unfunny,” “dumb and bad,” and “a stain upon America’s legacy.”

    Dubs looks forward to reading your fanfics, and only hopes that he will one day be found and unchained from his rock. Feel free to send him a PM on FiMFiction if you want to chat.


    Noble Cause

    Bio: Noble Cause presumably died while crossing the Snake River in 1848, and her body was never found. Since that time she has enjoyed a number of activities such as collecting the rings of plastic that come off of gallon milk jugs and shaving unsuspecting forest animals. By the time she was eight years old, she had aged eight years. Famously, Noble became one of the few people in history to whistle the entire score from Hello Dolly while being chased by the Vienna Boy's Choir. She became interested in literature when Stephen King began sneaking into her house each night and slightly moving each of the chairs. One of the most dedicated Equestria Daily Pre-Readers, Noble pours herself over the submitted stories, namely by transforming herself into a non-Newtonian liquid and spilling across them, absorbing them by osmosis.

    EQD Moderation Team

    Forum / Discord Head Admin

    Bio: Also known as Kat or Nepeta Leijon, she's been around since the early PF2 days. As head overlord... I mean head administrator, of the forums, her days are mostly spent herding cats and wondering how people keep finding new and exciting ways to break things. She's also an avid gamer and will take on any challengers. Most of her days at her professional job involve asking people if they've turned it off and on again yet.

    Forum/Discord Admin

    Bio: "User" is an adminstrator on the EQD forums and the one that sets up weekly game nights for the EQD steam group. He's considered by many to be a diehard Trixie loyalist and often mistaken for Sethisto himself whether in game or in other chat mediums due to his praise for best pony.

    Discovering pony around 2012 and having a strong interest in competitive Team Fortress 2 he joined up with a pony related Team Fortress 2 gaming community/forum called Pony Fortress 2, which had it's very own mod unique to the servers it ran. When that hit the dust he joined up with WeAreBorg's Friendship Is Gaming which catered to more general gaming in addition to TF2. The site later became the current EQD forums you see today.

    Seemingly having been around other fandoms and forum communities forever with 10+ years of moderating or administrating various websites he's one of the older staff members. His interests outside of Trixie and other unicorns like Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer include politics, investing, business, and other "boring stuff".

    Armosk (Socky)
    Discord Admin / Head Blog Moderator

    Bio: After stumbling upon ponies on Youtube back in the late summer of 2013, it didn’t take long for Armosk to get hooked on the show. He caught up with the seasons in under a week and just a few later found his way to Equestria Daily and has been a regular on the site ever since. The site quickly grew on him, spending a lot of time on it and making most of his friends on here too. And when EqD was on the lookout for a new moderator in 2016, he knew it would be the perfect opportunity for him to help out the way he always wanted. Known to be a trustworthy and reliable guy and fitting for the job, Armosk was suggested to the moderators and later offered to join the staff and officially help out as a new mod for EqD. So if you ever need something on the site or have a question, just ask him. He’s always around in the comment section on the blog or on the EqD Discord Server and ready to help, as long as he’s not sleeping or studying for an exam.

    Fang Alchemist
    Discord Moderator 

    Bio: Your resident bat zebra! Been a part of the fandom since it’s most early days. Silently watching and observing. I’m Fang Alchemist and many know me by my OC Cyanide Serenade! Always loud and energetic ready to take on the day! Always wanted to give back to a community that was so welcoming of me and now I get that chance. Joined the discord about a year ago and haven’t regretted it since! Avid artist, streamer, and YouTube content creator when I have the time! Found myself a home in this crazy noisy bizarre fandom, and the crazy creative and kind-hearted people who have been supporting me!

    A little about cyan: a bat zebra with an ear for music and eye for a waifu. Loves himself a cup of tea (much like myself) and lives life like he listens to his music. Loud and ambitious!

    Discord Moderator

    Bio: Became a brony in mid 2011 and, after taking a few years break from fandom, stumbled upon the marvellous place that is EQD's discord server in mid 2017. It appeared as a friendly, understanding, humane, but at the same time meme-y and self-aware - perfect traits for the internet community. Seeing how participative and open to commoners staff were for such humongous community, he lighted up with a fiery idea that would allow him to repay community that gave him so much - becoming a part of it and guiding lost souls through the thick mist of hatred and distrust that veiled plains of the internet.

    Highly objective, diligent, technically correct person, who loves order. Practices art, music, programming, electrical engineering and crafting. Somewhat human.

    Forum Moderator / Discord Moderator

    Bio: Self proclaimed Best Changeling, BadShot is an old member of Pony Fortress 2, who migrated to FiG (the now EQD Forums) after it shut down. Just like in PF2, he runs the Roleplaying scene, and now that he has mod powers can properly do so. He’ll usually have a roleplay up at any given time (if he isn’t being lazy).

    Generally a nice and respectable individual and proud owner of over 20 OCs, don't expect him to talk too much as he mostly lurks the forums, but never question his Queen, or he’ll throw you in his dungeon.

    What? Do you think he’s called the Dungeon Master because he runs the Roleplaying scene?

    Forum / Discord Moderator

    Bio: After becoming a brony in mid-2012, this fellow had never dreamed that he would eventually become part of the Equestria Daily staff; however, his avid membership in the Friendship is Gaming community (now known as the EQD forums) granted him his status as a Team Fortress 2 server moderator. He is possibly one of the strongest believers in the magic of friendship, always seeking to encourage good, pony-like behavior everywhere without going overboard as an extremist. Twilight, Sunset, and Starlight are all best pony, his OC (shown here) goes by the name Mana Song

    Forum / Blog / Discord Moderator

    Bio: As a former hater of the show, GlimGlamShimSham (or GGSS for short) became a fan of MLP in 2013 during an “ironic” watching of “A Canterlot Wedding” and “Magical Mystery Cure.” Since then, GlimGlamShimSham has spent the years hopping from pony community to pony community, searching for the one true community he could call home. After lurking EQD for four years, GlimGlamShimSham finally decided to make an account and join EQD and its Discord.

    GlimGlamShimSham is the self-proclaimed CEO of the Starlight Glimmer Fan Club™ and an avid RPer/writer. Feel free to say “Hello!” if you see them, as they’re more than happy to chat or game with anyone.

    Discord Moderator

    Bio: British by origin and New Zealander by naturalisation, T6 got into the show in August 2012 at the very insistent behest of a friend. He subsequently lurked on EQD from around then until January 2016, when he finally emerged from his hermit cave with the decision to take a more active role in the fandom. He subsequently found plenty of people to get along with, and joined the EQD Discord following its merger. With plenty of time on his hands, he applied and was accepted for a moderator role in November 2017.

    On the personal side, he's been a history-interested individual, mostly the world wars, since the moment he could read; his main interest lies in tanks - specifically Second World War ones - which he's well-known for among users, along with historical firearms and armies. Like plenty of people, he's also quite into videogaming - the Battlefield series, War Thunder, and Team Fortress 2 being old and regular haunts for him. Otherwise, he enjoys reading, attempting (and usually failing) to write for himself, and on occasion trying his hand at some digital art.

    And most significantly of course, he's one of an extremely rare breed these days - very few people have steadfastly held Lightning Dust as best pony since she first appeared way back in December 2012, after all.

    Blog / Discord Moderator

    Bio: Hey everyone, I'm Sponeoupartan (better known as Spone), and my curiosity is what got me here. After hating on the fandom for a year, I decided to see why people were getting excited about a colorful horse show. Needless to say, I ended up getting hooked in and binge watched seasons 1-4 in a weekend. And also the EQG movie. Don't know what it was about the show, but it really appealed to me at the time and manages to still do so to this day. Maybe someday I'll be able to figure it out.

    Having joined the EQD Nightly Discussions back when the site made the switch to Disqus after lurking for awhile, I've made many more friends than I had thought possible. To all the people out there who are lurking like I did, speak up sometime, you never know how many more friends you could possibly make. I also enjoy the finer things in life, like oranges and Lyra Heartstrings.

    Bunker Squirrel
    Discord Moderator

    Bio: Bunker Squirrel joined the moderator staff in late 2017, but has been in the fandom since June of 2011. He is happy to finally be contributing to the fandom in a meaningful way. He works from his Igloo in Anchorage, Alaska and rides his moose Joey to school every day.

    Joey is a good boy.

    Drunk Not I Am
    Discord Moderator

    Bio: Drunk Not I Am became a fan of the show after being fervently against it until he too submitted to the herd in 2013. He went then on to binge all 3 available season at the time. He found his way into the EQD community in late 2017 and has ever since called it home, forging many strong friendships. He never expected after all this time in the fandom to have the opportunity to give back that being on staff provides. His Interests range from Video games and physical media to hiking and aiming for a career in law enforcement and is always up for a chat.

    Discord Moderator

    Bio: Joining the fandom in June 2013, DK has lurked through the EQD site browsing through news about multi colored horses. Near the end of 2017 DK made an account on EQD and later joined the Discord server. From there he became a regular and soon he wanted to help contribute to the fandom in a way, into which he would apply and later become a mod in late 2018.

    DK is an avid motorsports fan, ranging from NASCAR, F1, and Indycar racing. Though he isn’t as much of an avid gamer compared to a lot of people, he typically likes to strike conversations whenever he’s available and loves to joke around. He also likes to read fanfics within the fandom (mostly romance). DK’s main goal is to be more down-to-earth with the users in the server, so that it can be a better place.

    Often seen with a Nick Wilde or fox-related avatar, legends say that DK’s voice in voice chats are considered “soothing and that of a radio voice.”