• Nightly Roundup #692

    Gilda hasn't had a header in a long while. Griffons represent! Hoping for more of them in the next season.

    Thanks for the feedback on the new format guys! Thank Cereal for it. Now, on to tonight's news!

    Tonight's Stories

    Courage is Magic Update!

    Like pony table top games? Courage is Magic has just come out with a new version of its rule set that you can find at the link below! Check below for the update notes.

    I've finally released the next update in PDF format on my deviantart page.

    1.14 includes:
    -A plethora of balancing issues, and the adding in of missing racial elements
    -A new format for most of the book
    -The introduction of a rules chapter to explain how the system work
    -Two new races: The Crystal Ponies and the Minotaur
    -Two new Classes: Completely revamped and updated Spirit of Loyalty from the old format to the new one. Loyalty is a dervish class that sails across the battlefield, using the weather to zap foes and blow apart their ranks.
    Spirit of Illusion: The Great and Powerful Trixie finally releases her trade secrets on how to be the best stage magician possible. Simply follow the appropriate steps, listen to her sage advice and pretend you're in Trixie's cap. Spirit of Illusion is a ranged damage dealer that brings single, powerful targets to their knees with a few stage tricks, and the help of an Ursa Minor.
    And a bit more!

    Again, I'm really excited to be able to show off my work again to you guys. You catapulted me from a handful of close friends using CiM for weekend fun to nearly two and a half thousand people being exposed to my work. I hope my tabletop makes the cut for being featured again!

    Check out the full story here!

    Beta Cut of Canterlot Gardens

    We've got a new documentary for you guys to chew on tonight with a beta of the Canterlot Gardens documentary! Check it out below.

    "In late September 2012, over 2,000 fans assembled outside Cleveland Ohio. Fans dedicated to Hasbro's My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic series; dubbed Brony. At this convention tears were shed, new relationships born, and circuit breakers tripped. Eternal memories were forged at Canterlot Gardens, 2012."

    Cleveland EqG Article

    The Cleveland Plain-Dealer has released an article on the EqG premiere over this past weekend, taking a generally neutral view of the fandom.

    Check out the full story here!

    Codex's Canterlot Corner

    Copy Paste:

    Codex has produced a pair of new essays delving into the nature of alicorns and the responsibilities which come along with being a princess in Equestria. Read on at http://codexcc.wordpress.com/2013/06/15/princess-of-the-sun-tzu/ and http://codexcc.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/alicorn-apotheosis-horning-in-on-the-action/

    As always, discussion is greatly welcomed!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Nashville Bronies Meetup

    On July 16th the Nashville Bronies had a Summer Sun Celebration in which everyone went on an awesome nature walk around Radnor lake. The day was perfect and everyone made a new friend! Once the 2 hour walk was done, we all went to lunch and then headed to the Nashville Zoo. Over all the event was a great success and was a ton of fun! We hope to have more of you join us!

    Radnor Lake: http://radnorlake.org/

    Nashville Zoo: http://www.nashvillezoo.org/

    Nashville Bronies: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NashvilleBronies/565184606865289/?notif_t=group_comment

    Tonight's Meetups Looking For More

    April Fool's Day 2014 Seeks Help

    Copy Paste:

    Greetings everypony,

    Several Anons are working on a secret project set to release next spring (2014) and we require the assistance of some talented voice actors/actresses to ensure this project is a success. We are currently looking for voice actors/actresses for the following parts: Discord, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, & Derpy Hooves.

    If you'd like to audition for a part or have any questions or concerns please contact us at “[email protected]” Additional parts for other MLP:FIM characters a likely to open up as time goes on, so feel free to ask about auditioning for any other characters currently not listed. Thank you very much for your time and I hope hear from you all soon!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Tara Strong Equestria Girls Interview

    Just got the first of our Equestria Girls premiere interviews out tonight. Hope you like it!

    Get more information here!

    My Little Reviews: Forever Young

    The latest "My Little Reviews" from ILoveKimPossibleAlot (don't be mislead by the user name) covers the FiM fanfic "Forever Young". She seems to like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Euz0pO_ay1g

    MLP reviews, thoughts, analysis and general fangirl ramblings: http://www.youtube.com/user/ILoveKimPossibleAlot/videos

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    June 22, 2011-2012

    2011 - A cute Luna and Celestia animation pops up, the Shutterfly contest on Ponychan starts, and the results of the latest Training Ground appears.

    2012 - Children of the Night animatic pops up and EqD hits 200 million!