• Convention Compilation - June 21st

    Convention news! It comes in swarms.  Have some headlines:

    Michelle Creber Promotes Pony Conventions
    Running of the Leaves Con Announced
    Sweet Apple Acres Con Venue Change in Nashville
    Crystal Fair Announced - St. Louis Missouri
    EFNW Crystal Games Challenge Game Jam This Weekend

    And press releases below the break.

    Michelle Creber Promotes Pony Conventions

    Running of the Leaves Con Announced

    Sweet Apple Acres Con Venue Change in Nashville

    First of all, Sweet Apple Acres would like to thank everyone who tried to help them meet their minimum room attrition at Millennium Maxwell House. Unfortunately, Sweet Apple Acres was not able to get everything needed in order to hold the event space that Millennium Maxwell House had promised. However a new venue has been booked, and Sweet Apple Acres Con 2013 is now moving to the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt.

    The Holiday Inn Vanderbilt is about four miles away from the Millennium Maxwell House hotel and right next to Vanderbilt’s campus. Rooms at the Holiday Inn are not guaranteed to be available, so rooms can be booked at the Marriott next door at a special rate of $179 per night. This special rate covers rooms booked between July 11-14 and can be booked by using the promo code “sweswea” or following this link. Availability will be limited, so book today!

    If you had already booked a room at the Millennium Maxwell House under the old discounted rate and do not wish to change your reservations, this rate will still be honored by Millennium Maxwell House.

    Event space at the Holiday Inn will be smaller than what was originally offered at Millennium Maxwell House, however, no guests will be dropped who have already been announced for Sweet Apple Acres Con. This means you will still get a chance to see guests like voice actors Michelle Creber, Lee Tockar and Michael Daingerfield as well as many content producers heralded in the fandom. In fact, Sweet Apple Acres is still not finished with their community guest lineup, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements that are soon to come.

    To stay up to date on Sweet Apple Acres Con’s announcements, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

    Crystal Fair Announced - St. Louis Missouri

    Hello one and all!

    My name is Kitenshi, Convention Chairman for the Crystal Fair. We would like to invite everyone to come join us in the first St. Louis My Little Pony convention, being held on September 27th through the 29th! It will be held at the Sheraton Westport, and is looking to be one of the best conventions yet!

     We have many people planned on coming to the Crystal Fair, and it's a list that is still growing! We currently have Pixelkitties coming, as well as Semehammer, the artist for the convention. We also have our first guest announced as well, the makers of the game Starswirl Academy, a visual novel in progress. They won't give details, but they have a big surprise they will be bringing to the Crystal Fair!

    The amount of musicians we have is small at the moment, but we have two dances that will be occurring, one of which is a Crystal Ball, where we will have the princesses hosting the dance. On Saturday, we will have our dance that most are used to, which might have a Nightmare Night theme to it. We currently have Seventh Element and Mogul Dash, and are always welcoming more guests. 

    We do have registration open for the con, and we have our website up as well! Our website is  http://crystalfairstl.com/ and registration is on the site. We also have a Facebook page as well, and we keep it updated regularly. 

    We hope to hear from you all soon!

    Midwest Bronyfest Convention Update

    The time has come for Midwest Bronyfest Kansas City to announce our Top Secret Surprise for the Charity Auction!  [Pause for effect]  We happily announce that Lauren Faust was kind enough to sign several items for our charity auction including several posters, t-shirts, and a Brony hat.

    These were already signed by John de Lancie and Mike Brockhoff at the KC Film Fest awhile back. Hope to see everyone at the auction, benefiting Child's Play, providing toys and games to sick children. All donations go straight to Children's Mercy of Kansas City.

    Our current line up of guests include Sam Vincent, White Dove Creations, community talent including CircuitFry, Michael A, DJ Squirrel, and Greggo’s Game Shows.

    Pre-registration will be available up until the week before the convention, but only those purchased prior to July 4th will have all their information printed. Registration is $45 for a regular ticket or $225 for Sponsor level admission.  Weekend passes will be available at the door as well as 1 day passes. Saturday will be $30 & Sunday will be $20. These are at the door only.

    Midwest Bronyfest KC 2013 will take place in Overland Park, KS on July 27th-28th at the Overland Park Convention Center.

    June 26th is last day to reserve a hotel room at the convention rate before they release our room block.

    Additional hotel, panel, vendor, artist, and volunteer information can be found on our website.  We hope to see you there!

    EFNW Crystal Games Challenge Game Jam This Weekend

    The Gaming Colts cordially invites you to The Crystal Games Challenge this weekend, June 22nd-24th!

    The Crystal Games Challenge is the first ever online game jam hosted by the Gaming Colts in partnership with Everfree Northwest and Bluescreen Bronies. Running 48 hours, from June 22nd at 12:00pm to June 24th at 12:00pm, the jam’s purpose is to inspire creativity and game creation. Here, developers can push their skill and ability to the limit to create a new game or prototype and show it off with their fellow developer’s creations. This is a chance for game creators, both new and established, to challenge themselves, flex their creative muscles, and showcase their talents and skill. All submissions will be showcased at Everfree NW on July 5-7, with the winners announced at the Bluescreen Bronies panel on July 6.

    Registration is free and easy, and can be done at foundation.thegamingcolts.com/crystalgameschallenge. Don’t forget to view the game jam rules. Game developers of all skill levels and genre tastes are welcome, so hurry and sign up as a team or fly solo. The Crystal Games Challenge is about fun, friendship, and improving yourself. So come join the jam session and make a game!

    To learn more about the Gaming Colts, please visit their website, Facebook, or Twitter