• Collection Set and More Popping Up at Toys R' Us Early, Plus Trixie/Lyra at Target

     Looks like some of you may be able to pick up your Nightmare Moons and Vinyl Scratches early! Some Toys R' Us locations have already started to release them.  This specific pack was found by someone over on MLP Arena.  You should probably call in beforehand just in case! 

    And in other news, Trixie and Lyra have both popped up at Target as part of the Crystal Empire displays.  Again, not all of them have these available, in fact someone here in Arizona found a single Trixie at a Target in Mesa. 

    These are technically "our" set, so if you see it and have the money, grab it! Vinyl Scratch is there because of you!

    They also those blindbag accessory sets out too!

    Thanks to whatshisgame for the MLP Arena scouting!

    Their cutie marks have glitter for whatever reason. 
  • Albums: Sonic Blitz / The Royal Wedding / I'm So Sorry / Randy Newmane Presents / Celestial

    We have a pile of new albums for you all to dig through today! It's amazing how many more of these are popping up.  This community loves to evolve doesn't it?

    And the list:

    Sonic Blitz - Tuner Symphon
    The Royal Wedding - Silva Hound
    I'm So Sorry - Cats Millionaire
    Randy Newmane Presents - Bronymike (Album cover wouldn't load for anyone I linked it to, so have some pinecone trixie, also related)
    Celestial - M_Pallante

     Click the album covers for the full versions!
  • Wallpaper Compilation #61

    Scootaloo's desk edition! Now she just needs to figure out how to not stretch images when sneaking pictures of Rainbow Dash!

    Have some wallpapers.
  • Rooster Teeth Shows Off Skyrim MLP Mods

    So this brightened up my day.

    Rooster Teeth, the production company behind a lot of machinima and the far-more-popular-than-it-has-any-right-to-be Red vs. Blue have released another of their regular gaming videos. Nothing special here, except it's Michael and Ray talking about the combination of three MLP mods for Skyrim and which pony is their respective favorites. It's like a little ember of happiness was lit in my heart.

    Catch it here, or after the break. PLEASE NOTE: since this is Rooster Teeth, there's swearing, and since it's Skyrim, there's lots of blood and beheadings. Warned!

  • Fighting is Magic Leaked, Open Letter Released By Dev Team

    As many of you are aware, there was an internal QA build of Fighting is Magic leaked to the public. Obviously this was a mistake.

    Mane Six has put out a press release addressing the situation, which you can read here.

    More updates will be posted if they become available.

  • Random Merch: Rugs, Shirts, Winter Stuff, and More!

    Time to ponify your lives, and those around you, with more random merch!

    Above, we have a set of pony floor mats from a story called Leroy Merlin in Poland.  Apparently it's a store focusing on home improvement and construction.  Ponies really do improve everything.  Thanks to Gave for the heads up!

    Head on down past the break for more RANDOM MERCH.

  • More Information on Yellow and Blue Blindbag Sets

    Thanks to MfG for the image!

    It looks like the alicorn yellow set is actually showing up as well as the special edition metallic/glitter ponies.  This one specifically was bought at a store called Muller  in Germany, and they have apparently been around for months. 

    Thanks to Longneck for the image! 
    Over here in the USA, Meijer is carrying the blue set.  If you want a bunch of metal and shiny ponies, you might want to hit that store up if you live around Michigan!

    And finally, the Hasbro Toy Shop apparently slipped a blue set out to Flutterawesome when they purchased the first wave box set off the website. I don't know if it was an accident, so I wouldn't rush over there hoping to get the metallic ponies, but it's worth noting!

    I guess Hasbro is dropping these all over in no specific order!  Your best bet is to keep an eye out!
  • Vocal/Remix Music: Trixie / Use Somepony

    I'm seeing  a lot of Trixie music lately!  I wonder why?

    Have two vocals and a remix of Smile Smile Smile with all sorts of crazy voice tweaks after the break!

    1.) Use Somepony
    2.) Trixie - Jeff Burgess
    3.) Pinkie's Dance (Mr. Collin Smile Song Remix)

  • Comic: NOM! / Prelude of the Nightmare Night / Tank's Big Hit / Septem Alae Episode 1

    Friendship is Magic villians: Overconfident and gullible as hell. I'll just tank that there rainbow love beam! No problem!

    We also have Luna being ridiculous, a semi-animated version of the Rainbow Dash/Tank comic from a while back, and ponies with... really long faces to finish it off! I'm glad FiM styles make no anatomical sense at all in the show! Horses are a little weird! 

  • Interview Recordings and Nicole Oliver Reminder!

    The past few days have been completely covered in interviews, most live! The Brony Hour recently did a short one with Daniel Ingram as well as a few people from the community, and Mic the Microphone grabbed Peter New for his charity raffle. Recordings from both have popped up on Youtube, and can be found after the break!

    And in other news, today at 6:00 PM EST (3:00 PM PST) Nicole Oliver will be showing up on the Dennis Daniel Show. They are actually gathering questions from the audience right now in the comments if you want to throw your two cents into the mix. Head on over to this page for that!

  • Official Pony Comic Artists Popping Up at Cincinatti Comic Expo

    It looks like we will be seeing more of the official Friendship is Magic comic in the near future!  The Cincinnati Comic Expo happens on September 22nd, and these two have already grabbed a place for it.  

    If the concept art in their teaser is any indiciation, this comic is going to be amazing.  The return of Chrysalis and Derpy derpin?  All we need now is some robe and wizard hat wearing obnoxiousness and everything will be perfect. 

    Check out the Deviant Art page here!
  • Blind Bag Wave 5 - Metallic Ponies - Popping up in Europe

    Over the past few days, multiple people have sent in pics of the new wave 5 blindbag set.   This is the group with the glittery/metallic ponies (as seen above as well).  It's also considered the "blue set" here in the USA, but no one has seen it here yet.

    There are also mixed reports of wave 6 (or yellow) with the alicorns popping up, but these are primarily coming from Ebay. (Thanks to Whatshisgame for pointing these out)

    Thanks to Kr3id for the images.  Hopefully you guys find some luck in tracking them all down!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #522

    I don't think Applejack has been in a header for a while, so have some of her and Fluttershy!

    More art below as always!

    Source 1
    Quick announcement paper.

  • Instrumental Music: Hall of Harmony / When We Got Our Cutiemarks / I, Princess Celestia - Woody

    Time for some music to chill out to.  Check out some instrumentals below!

    1.) Hall of Harmony
    2.) When We Got Our Cutiemarks
    3.) I, Princess Celestia - Woody

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 1

    Fillies and gentlecolts, it is time! The hour has arrived and the Training Grounds are officially opening their doors as of this minute! In case you may have missed the memo, this is the place where you can learn how to draw ponies, or practice your skills if you already know. We do not discriminate based on skill, and we are here to create a safe, nurturing environment for burgeoning artists to show off their stuff and get better together. You might be thinking that you're too bad for this. You're wrong! You can get your skills right up there with all of your favorite artists, but the only way that's going to happen is through practice. I'm offering you a chance to not have to take that first step alone. So come along! Join us. I promise you'll have fun.

    Now that you're set on drawing, how should you do it? Well, that's your choice. Digital, traditional, finger painting, tablets, I don't care if you scribble on a napkin and send a picture of it you took on your phone. Just draw that pony! So long as you keep to the theme or a clever interpretation thereof, and hold to EqD's content rules (that means go easy on the grimdark, go easy on the saucy stuff), you're in! Just upload your entry to our new contest submitter, brought to you by the awesomely British head of fimfiction, knighty. Thanks dude! If the submission form says its closed, don't worry - it'll open soon enough.

    You will have 24 hours as of this post, meaning August 3 at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time to get your entry in. There's a three hour window at the end if you're a bit late, but once the submitter closes, that's it. Limit three per customer.

    Got all that? Good! Now, here's your first assignment. As we're beginning our lessons in art, the best place to start is with the pony at rest. Therefore, draw an idle pony, or draw a pony idling. Don't be afraid to be creative with the prompt, and have fun!