• Nightly Discussion #2892


    My Little Pony Nightly Discussion Author Calpain

    I really love Zipp's beautiful wings. Just look at those colors and that wingspan!~

    Evening my friends, welcome to the weekend! Ready for some chatter to kick things off?

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  • The Horses Mouth - Big Jim and upcoming interviews!

    Afternoon everypony, it's time again to announce our upcoming interview for this Saturday. This week, we will be talking with the one and only "Big" Jim Miller. Known for his work as a Director on Friendship is Magic and on many other network TV shows. Check back in tomorrow to listen to us as we talk about pone, Shipping, and how Seth ruined bats in FIM. These have been super fun so far, and we can't wait to share another with yall. This video will go live Saturday at 3pm PST!


  • Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #4082

    Pony is very A E S T H E T I C.

    Get art below!

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    by mirta_sh on Twitter

  • Funko's New Ridiculous NFT Gambling for My Little Pony Pop Figures


    Because everything has to be ruined in 202X+, Funko has decided to go the NFT route on the new My Little Pony POP set. Instead of just letting you buy the figures directly like any sane collectible, you need to go the convoluted route of hoping you get a physical pony figure by buying a bunch of NFT packs and praying to the gambling gods that you get the pieces needed for a physical one.

    Every time you spin the slots it's $10.  You receive 5  NFT's that you trade to complete sets to earn tokens that let you redeem the ponies. You have 120 days to do this, in which case funko sends over another token that lets you claim the actual figures. Needless to say, these ponies are probably going to be incredibly expensive to acquire competing in the overall market for pieces. There is a pinpoint of light at the end of this awful tunnel though! You also have a 1.72% chance for a legendary NFT that includes redemption on it's own, or a .28% chance at a "grail" tier Rarity. Casinos around the world are laughing at these odds.

    Once you either complete a collection or get lucky with one of those laughably rare ones up there, you have 30 days to redeem and "burn" a new token they deposit directly into your wallet, at which point you get the privileged of forking over even more money for shipping, with a $5 discount if you do more than one at a time.

    Head on down below to see what you are gambling for! I'm so glad we didn't have to deal with this nonsense for those amazing oldschool figures we used to collect. At least in this case I have 0 interest in these weird beady eye ponies anyway.

  • Big Name Guests, Community Talent, and General Information for Czequestria 2022!

    If you are interested in a trip over to Prague this year, Czequestria is running their big event in August of this year! This time around they have a huge new announcement with My Little Pony: A New Generaton director Robert Cullen making an appearance, along with community quest Prince Whateverer. Tickets are on sale if you want to meet either of them. Get all the details down below!

  • Featured Musid - Pay Your Penance

    Sprout gets an original vocal track today, following an alternative rock style and a very interesting description: 


    This song is yet another track based on the story of MLP: A New Generation - focusing on the atrocities Sprout had committed, and his wrongdoings; both in the light of abusing his power and his severe intolerance of others not like him, or foreign to him, adding to the scope of fearmongering rooting from discrimination, lead by himself and his mother's empire of hatred for other races in Maretime Bay.

    The lyrics follow some elements of perspective, giving some accounts from the likes of Hitch and Sunny Starscout, up to the final 1st-person account to draw an image of his emotions and hatred during his eleventh-hour stint as what could be seen as a jealous, power-hungry totalitarian leader. The final lyrics resolving with his regret and realisation to the senseless destruction he caused.

    Head on down below if that sounds intriguing to you! It's a lonmg one at 7 minutes, and part of an album releasing later in the year.

  • More Plushies On the Way From Symbiote Studios!

    Following the Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle release last year, Symbiote Studios has expanded into even more ponies! Applejack and Pinkie Pie are both plushified now, and listed over on their website. They also have alicorn Twilight if you want her with her wings.

    You can find them all over on the website, or over here. Each plushie clocks in at 12 inches in height. They also have cutie mark pins if you are interested in those!

  • Morning Discussion #2688


    My Little Pony Morning Discussion Author Calpain
    Artist: @Zokkili

    Derpy is here to make sure your morning goes wonderfully! Care for a muffin?

    Hey everyone, how did you sleep? Ready for another Friday?

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