• Comic: Pinkie Says Goodnight - Surprise Guest

    Looks like another new episode is upon us (or already upon us since its early release)! I do hear it is a good one so those of you who haven't seen it yet (like myself) have something to look forward to.

    Until then, have another night of Pinkie saying good night!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Music of the Day #255

    Know what I'm listening to right now? This soundtrack right here. Talk about addiction!

    And when I'm not doign that, I have MUSIC OF THE DAY to hold me over. Get a bunch of music below!

  • 24 Hours of Charity for Michael Morones—Let’s Make Them Count!

    Starting this Saturday, February 1, at 6PM EST (3PM PST), an ad hoc group of fans, show cast & crew, and other luminaries of the My Little Pony world will be conducting a 24-hour charity livestream to raise money toward the medical costs for 11-year old Michael Morones.

    The story of Michael’s attempted suicide after being bullied for being an MLP fan touched a nerve in bronies everywhere when Equestria Daily published it a few days ago.

    Although his family didn’t have to suffer the tragedy of Michael dying, the brain damage he suffered ensures a long and painful road to what will almost certainly be a partial recovery at best.

    The money we’re raising can’t miraculously restore Michael to the sensitive boy he was before this gruesome incident, it can help keep Michael’s family from being bankrupted by the bills for Michael’s hospital stay and rehabilitation. It can also show Michael and his family just how much good and love this community has in its collective heart.

    Furthermore, if we can show that love and goodness to everyone in our herd, perhaps we can help prevent others from losing the hope that keeps them going.

    If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or extreme depression, please seek or assist them in seeking professional help. In a crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

    Written by SonyaLynn, who is the Convention Chair for BABSCon, which will be donating the first $75 of every membership bought during the livestream to Michael’s family.
  • Story: Lullabies Unsung (Update Part 4!)


    Author: Seether00
    Description: At what should have been a routine doctor's visit, Applejack learns that she can never bear foals of her own. After an emotional breakdown, her friends do their best to calm her.

    However, as the discussion develops, nopony is prepared for Twilight's revelation: the grand event which brought them together has left a hidden scar within each of them.

    Tempers flare, relationships are strained, and the strength of their friendship is tested as each must come to terms with her newfound sterility.
    Lullabies Unsung (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: The girls deal with sterility
  • Writer's Training Grounds #005: "Three's a Crowd"

    The 5th installment of the writing training grounds has arrived! Did Discord take over the world? Are we going to be flooded with more comedy fics? Head on down below the break for boatloads of stuff to read!

    Expect another one next week.  This new episode totally more than deserves an epic prompt. 

  • More Merch from Russia - Shoes

    Another set of merch has been revealed from good ol' Russia.  These are a bunch of shoes for the girls in the fandom made by a company called Kakadu.  As with all the merch over there, you may need to pull some strings to actually order them.  We will see if they head to the rest of the world in the near future. 

    All of them can be found here! Thanks to Alexey for the heads up!
  • Convention Compilation - January 31st

    The convention news came in a burst, so have some more!

    BronyCAN Press Release: Nicole Gauss & Early Bird Registration Reminder
    Bronycon - Save on Registration and Celebrate Year of the (Tiny) Horse
    Trotcon 2014 - Traveling Pony Museum and Bronies for Good

    Full releases below the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1063

    Oh, so that is how you fix Scootaloo.  Twilight sure does have a lot of spells she never uses to fix things.

    Anyway, get some art below!

    [1] Source
    Student of the night

  • Streams and Marathons Today - January 31st

    Community time! We may have had a breach in episode release, but that doesn't stop the events tonight! Get them all below.

  • Comic: Quality Time / It's a Secraaaa / Some Dreams / The Disguise / Friendship is Magic 4

    Comics! We have ridiculous, ridiculous, I have no idea, sad, and more of that anime comic series!  Click for full!

  • More Random Plushies Appear in the Wild - Russia Edition

    A bunch of plushies are popping up over in Europe from a plethora of different companies with loads of new designs.  All of them have their benefits and negatives, but the big one here are the three up there above in the second image.  We haven't gotten much Celestia or Cadance yet, and Shining Armor is completely new.   Those three are listed over here:

    Shining Armor
    (Mane six on the last two pages)

    I'm sure these guys will start popping up everywhere soon.  At the moment mainly Russian sites like the links above are the places to get them. 

    We also have a few Peruvian plushies:

    Pinkie Pie

    With how many of these things are invading the wild from so many different companies, It's going to be interesting to see who innovates the most this year.  I'm going to guess that the majority of you that want plushies already have the mane 6, so a lot of these releases are probably redundant at this point.  It's going to be all out war to conquer the side/fan favorite ponies though!

    Thanks to Leopatra for the heads up!

  • Three's A Crowd Ratings Revealed

    The ratings for last week's episode HATH ARRIVED.  We hit 483,000 viewers this time around.  A bit less than Pinkie Apple Pie, but we still beat everything else.  With the episode's early release this week it's going to be hard to get an idea on how well Pinkie's Pride does.  Hopefully we can return to normal after it though!

    Thanks to Andrew for the heads up.  
  • Jayson Thiessen and Amy Keating Rogers Live Tweeting Tomorrow's Episode

    Early releases aside, tomorrow when Pinkie's Pride officially airs, both Jayson Thiessen (MLP Director) and Amy Keating Rogers (Writer of the episode) will be doing live-tweet events.  With so many major things going down, this is definitely one you do not want to miss. 

    Head on over here to follow Jayson, and here to follow Amy!
  • Tee Villain - Morones Recovery Fund Shirt / My Little Epona Shirt

    24 hour Tee site Tee Villain is running the shirt up above.  Net proceeds are going to the Micheal Morones Recovery fund.  It's neat to see sites outside the pony world hopping on this! Get it over here for 12 bucks!

    And for those looking for something a bit less dramatic, we have a My Little Epona 24 hour shirt at Teefury

    Thanks to Roy G. Biv, Phillip, and everyone else that sent these! Thanks for the submit STORM! That always helps get our attention. 

  • Pinkie Pride on Google Play Already (Update Also on Hasbro's Youtube Channel)

    As the droves of people have pointed out,  It looks like once again, we have an early episode release.  Pinkie Pride is now up on Google Play.  There isn't much else to say there! Massive derp? Or maybe they do this so people will grab season passes? It wouldn't be the first time it has happened, at least with iTunes.

    Anyway, you can find their full season pass over here.

    Obviously if you want to stick with Saturday for your new pony shenanigans, it may be best to avoid the usual random submission area of the internet for spoiler evasion.  We will keep it spoilered for now here on EQD though. 

    Thanks to Don, Will, Jeremy, and the swarms of others for the heads up.

    Update: Hasbro also put it up for sale on Youtube already.
    Update 2: Only USA accounts have access to it both on Youtube and Google Play apparently.
    Update 3: It's 3 bucks for HD.  If you are in the USA and have access to it just skip that cheeseburger you were going to eat later and support the show! YOU WOULDN'T PIRATE A CHEESEBURGER (alright I probably would).
    Update 4:  It looks like the episode has been pulled from Google Play.  Thanks to Marguerite for the heads up there!