• Nightly Roundup #950

    Yay for taxes! Hope you fellow Americans have yours finished!

    I'm off to play some Final Fantasy so I'll catch you all later. Seeya tomorrow!

    Tonight's Stories

    The Daily Texan Writes Pony Article

    Ponies in the news once again, a positive article to boot! Check the link below for the full scoop.

    Check out the full story here!

    EqG and Season 4 Coming to Taiwan

    Got some news for our Taiwanese pony friends! Take a look:

    It was recently announced that the Chinese dub of Equestria Girls and Season 4 will be airing in Taiwan soon. YoYo TV, the channel that runs My Little Pony in Taiwan, put up the announcement after the conclusion of the airing of "Magical Mystery Tour." They've announced that Equestria Girls will air on Saturday, April 19 at 3pm local time with Season 4 premiering the following day at 9am local time. It's exciting news for all the bronies in Taiwan!

    Fun fact: The Chinese title for Equestria Girls has been translated to "Magic Princess", which is incidentally the same as the Chinese title for Hayao Miyazaki's classic "Princess Mononoke."

    Cookie Cake!

    Pinkie loves being a cake!

    Jessie on Disney Channel Spoofs Ponies

    Jessie S03E08 - "Krumping and Crushing... by assadc

    A recent episode of the show Jessie spoofed ponies through a side arc featuring 'Power Ponies' and their adult male fanbase. Take a look at the embed above!


    Twilight would totally approve of this! Check the link below for the coordinates to make your own.

    Check out the full story here!

    Michael Morones on HuffPost

    HuffPost has an updated story on Michael that you can find below.

    Check out the full story here!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Bronies-NYC April Monthly Meetup

    On Saturday, Bronies-NYC celebrated the Second Anniversary of the wedding of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor! The first warm, sunny day this year afforded the opportunity to have a picnic in Central Park.
    The Central Park Carousel provided the perfect backdrop for a pony picnic. We had ratatouille, pizza, cheesecake, beverages, and Derpy’s delightfully delicious muffins. With the carousel right there we could not pass up the opportunity to ride on ponies! After a some mandolin strumming the group headed over for more fun in our Midtown studio.
    “Happy Anniversary” signs and wedding decorations were hung, and the herd signed a greeting card to the bride and groom. We screened the Royal Wedding episodes and cheers went up all around when Twilight’s B.B.B.F.F married her favorite foal-sitter! We also had some rapping Pinkie Pie!
    Vendors were selling their pony swag, artwork and plushies. EnterPlay’s MLP CCG had a crowd playing. Everypony is getting ready for the release of Canterlot Nights at Big Apple Ponycon! Ponycon also hosted a manicure spa with Rainbow Honey polishes. Even the manliest bronies were getting done up!
    The night ended as the Bronies-NYC monthly meetups always do with a NYC signature rave. Kezz and Rockit were laying down a funky beat of remixed pony favorites. Ponies broke out the glow sticks and the light up hats and danced the night away. Join us at our next Bronies NYC meetup http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-NYC and at Big Apple Ponycon https://www.bigappleponycon.com/

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More


    Have you every dream about rock or metal pony concert? Full of magic, mysteries of the night, under the glance of Princess Luna?
    PRZEWALSKI’s PONIES special show in Poland! Famous gothic-band from Russia started european tour!
    The rulers of Tribrony, noble princess Pomerania and her brother prince Baltic, under protection of Lady of the Night, princess Luna, are cordially inviting for a special event for the whole fandom!

    The 21 april, on Easter monday, in oliva club X-kwadrat will take place a concert of two great bands:

    a Tricity progressive metal group
    and the high spot of the evening:

    Gothic and music from TV show and fandom formation, coming from far far Moscow.

    SO WE INVITE EVERYONE! Not only bronies, not only metal fans, not only Poles for this special meet!

    Honourable patronage: Her Majesty Princess Luna, co-ruler of Equestria, The Dreamkeeper, The Bearer of Night Mysteries

    The meet will take place on guest area. The will be many people out of fandom. So we kindly please everyone for restraint in demonstrating their bronybeing. One-two badges [pins] are enough, badge armours are useless. Also, please leave plashes home. Flags of Cambodia etc. also aren't welcome, with the exception of flags of Poland, Russia, Tribrony and other local fandom flags. Please, respect this rule!

    PLACE: x-kwadrat, Polanki 66, Gdańsk, Poland

    Facebook event:

    Ticket - 10 zł (2 euro)

    Registration - not necessary

    Overnight accommodation - Tribrony traditionally tries to organise sleeproom for outlanders, but we need information in advance, please PM / contact any other way the organizers:

    Meetleader: SPIDIvonMARDER, aka Jakub Orłowski
    Tel: +48 514 685 665
    mail: [email protected] .com
    Skype: spidivonmarder/Jakub Orłowski

    The concert of Przewalski Ponies is a part of the polish tournee. Next show 23.04 will take place in Kraków. Please contact with Jerzy Wolf (Iron Wolf) for more info.

    Contact to both bands - please call me on priv.

    CinemaQuestria Streaming Site

    Hello everyone!

    Are you looking for entertainment? We're looking to provide! Join us as we build our brand new streaming site, CinemaQuestria. We aim to provide amusement and entertainment for everyone, ranging from showing films, TV, fan videos, games, art streams, and more!

    We now have positions we need filled. We are currently seeking two volunteers who are knowledgeable in HTML/CSS, Javascript, servers, IRC, and more. If you'd like to apply, please submit a request to [email protected] with your qualifications and why you are interested in applying. The deadline is Saturday, April 19th at 23:59 EST (GMT -5). If you need more information, send a message to the above email or contact us here. Thank you for your time and talent as we reach for the stars!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    FIVE FACTS ABOUT DITZY/DERPY - Cutie Mark Laboratories "Fact of the Matter"

    My Little CCG: Friendship is Card Gaming

    Staring At: Equestrian Technology

    Brony Time interview with Equestrian Dreamers

    Hey Everypony!

    I could tell you why this week's episode is so great but I'm sure if you put the clues together, you can discover why yourself. This week we have GabuEx and Zeus Assassin of Equestrian Dreamers on to talk about the much anticipated game, My Little Investigations. We then go to our panel with Norman, James, Dylan, and Dizzy to talk about ponies, bronies, and other fandoms and their poor use of prefixes.


    Intro/Bumper/Outro: My Little Investigations Soundtrack


    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    April 15, 2011-2013

    2011 - Valve and Baked Bads steal the day!

    2012 - Inside the Royal Wedding event.

    2013 - MLP card series 2 launches.

    Twitter: Calpain