• Random Merch - Transluscent Derpy, Season 1 Poster Scroll, Minty Figure

    We already have transluscent Doctor Whoof and Fluttershy floating around, but the first edition of Rainbow and Derpy never got any love.  Based on the image of Funko toys above, it looks like we may be seeing some of those for all you collectors out there.  Thanks to Violet CLM and everyone else for sending it!  Chances are she will pop up ay Comic Con, according to their list at least:

    56. My Little Vinyls get so clear and sparkly! - $20
    57. My Little Vinyls get so clear and sparkly too! - $20

    Onward to more RANDOM MERCH!  I already used up my Rainbow Dash hot pants yesterday, so we unfortunately don't get to be all controversial today. 

    Wall Scroll Style Season 1 Poster

    Found in Australia this time around for 12 bucks at a K-Mart.  I haven't had anyone send something in from the States or Europe yet, but keep an eye out.   Thansk to Brianna for the image.

    Free DVD With Bed Sheets

    ASDA Direct is running a promo for a feww DVD with the purchase of a pony panel duvet.  It looks like the disc only contains the first two episodes of season one though. Thanks to Danny for the heads up.  Find it here!

    Minty and Lyrica Figures Appear on Ebay

    Another super early release from one of those Chinese sellers has popped up on Ebay.  I don't honestly know if we have posted either of these seperately yet, but it can't hurt right! Click the links above to check them out.  They are super pricey at 50 bucks a pop right now.  I'd wait until we see them officially released for five in the future.

    Thanks to Kendra for the heads up!