• Flash Fanfiction Event Entries #1 - News, Updates, and Next Prompt!

    Isn't she pretty?
    Well well welly well, here we are again, my friends.  I have the results from the Trixie flash fic event, but first, some news.  Hit the break for the goodness.

    Hokay, so here’s the deal.  We have a lot of comments complaining about the fact that I set such a high minimum word count for such a short time frame.  I apologize for that.  I was wanting to push you to write, not push you away as a result of something I saw as a reasonable guideline for fics.  As of now, the next event, along with all future events, will have a minimum word count of 1500, with no maximum.  Speaking of the next event, that’s planned for the Memorial Day weekend.  I’ll have a prompt ready for that one, and you’ll have four days for it.

    The following new guidelines are to be in place:
    • Follow the usual rules.  Please, abide by them.  The only thing that's changed here is the word count and the dropping of the EQD Quality control.  All are welcome outside of that. 
    • The events are going to be every other weekend, unless there’s some prior notice on my end for a special thing.  The event prompts will also be at random, but I’m also open for suggestions.
    • If you’re participating, the best way to submit is to e-mail me at knowledgeabounds, with a  link to the story (Fimfiction, Google Docs, Whatever).  You’re also free to e-mail me with questions at the same e-mail.
    • Please include either one of these genres, or a mix of them with the email, along with your link and author: 
    [Slice of Life]

        And now, the participants of the first fic event (in no particular order)!

        Fimfiction Stories:

        [Sad][Slice of Life] Moonpanzor - The One Left Behind

        [Sad][Slice of Life] Booke Cypher - Spellbound

        [Sad][Slice of Life] DJ-BlankFlank - One Final Sorry

        [Sad][Slice of Life] The 24th Pegasus - The Life I Chose

        [Sad][Slice of Life] TheBrianJ - And So I Wander

        [Sad][Adventure] Aldrigold - Side Effects

        [Sad][Adventure] Yukito - Why I Travel

        [Sad][Random] Zeroxion564 - The Trickster

        [Slice of Life] Invisible Cadance - Hollow are our Shades

        [Slice of Life] flying_whimsy - Watch in Awe

        [Slice of Life] Laughing Lyric - The Magician

        [Dark] Damination - When Is Too Late

        [Dark] LoyalLiar - Muse

        [Dark][Adventure]BitAcoustic - The Cape Fastener and the Open Road

        [Shipping][Adventure] warewolves - Trixie’s Search

        [Other] Commissar-Rarity - Boast or Bust

        Other Location Stories: 

         Ebonysdagger - Trixie’s Reflective Day

        Duckus333 - Trixie Backstory

        The Vicked Orb - The Razor Lies

        Geronimo - Hallowed Grasslands and Desecrated Forests

        Epidemiix - Trixie’s Tale

        Alba Walker - Trixie and the Terrific Troupe Trio

        Carolyn - The Open Road

        The Eponymous Anonymous - Northwest of Dodge

        Nnnnnnow that that’s out of the way, on to the REAL fun!

        Whose bright idea was it to let Scoots have the rocket launcher?

        *puts on helmet* ALL RIGHT, you MAGGOTS! Listen up and listen good, because I’m only going to say this once! I see you quiverin’ and shakin’ in yer little booties already... GOOD! Because the foal gloves have come off, fillies and colts! It’s the Memorial Day weekend coming up in the States, which means extra long time to write, in between the grilling and the football! But that’s not important.  What’s important is all the military motherbuckers out there RIGHT BUCKING NOW serving their country! We’re not going to bucking devolve into politics here, kiddies, or I swear by Princess Luna’s pretty ebony tiara I will BRING THE PAIN! GET ME? GOOD! Now, I want you to write a fic that does the military among us proud.  Whether they're a soldier in Chrysalis' hive, a Royal or Lunar Guard of Equestria, a Knight of the Griffon Kingdoms, or something else.  And Sisters help me if one of you maggots writes an HiE/BiE 'explosion knocks them into Equestria' fic, because I.  Will.  Hunt.  You.  Down.

        The time frame? 12:01 a.m. Friday to 11:59 p.m. Monday night!

        The special rule for this? Find a service member, whether they’re friend, family, or a total stranger, and shake their hoof, give them a hug if they’re that close to you, treat them to lunch! I don’t want to hear “but Brigadier-General Cause, I don’t know anypony that’s served!”.  Bucking.  Horseapples.  I want you maggots to do some good in the world, start with those that have sacrified blood, sweat and tears for their country, whether it’s the USA or Singapore.  Russia or the UK.  DO ME PROUD, MAGGOTS!


        Oh.  And one little thing... LAST ONE ALIVE, LOCK THE DOOR!