• Custom Compilation #103

    Alright guys, I have the ultimate plan, but I need your help with it. 

    First off, we need to rob a ton of banks.  It may sound dangerous, but you would do it for Luna wouldn't you? Once that is complete, wire all the money to my paypal account.  From there, I'll win this ebay auction, and use the rest of bank donated money to develop a duplication device.  Chances are this portion of the plan will take a couple decades, but once complete, I'll send everyone who helped bring the plan together a Luna.  Foolproof!

    Have some customs while I go build a list of targets, hire a tech guy to hack into transportation grids, and study police patrols. 

    (Disclaimer: If you rob a bank after reading this post, EQD is not responsible for any jail time, legal battles, or parents locking away your pony merchandise).

    [2] Source
    Fashion Style Spitfire customs - FiM

    [3] Source
    Zecora - a triple threat!

    [4] Source
    Queen Chrysalis custom ponies x6 - MLP:FiM

    [5] Source

    [6] Source
    Blind Bag Custom: Queen Chrysalis

    [7] Source
    On the Farm

    [8] Source
    Saddle Arabian Stallion and Mare Set

    [9] Source
    Daring Do: Rainbow Dash's Second Life

    [10] Source

    [11] Source

    [12] Source
    Applejack Custom

    [13] Source
    Fluttershy Custom

    [14] Source
    Rainbow Dash Custom

    [15] Source
    Pinkie Pie Custom

    [16] Source
    Nightmare moon- glow in the dark

    [17] Source
    Rainbow Dash Wonderbolts custom

    [18] Source

    [19] Source
    Twilight Starling

    [20] Source

    [21] Source
    Devil May Shy

    [22] Source
    Design-A-Pony Rainbow Dash

    [23] Source
    Design-A-Pony Fluttershy

    [24] Source
    Design-A-Pony Wonderbolts Derpy

    [25] Source
    Pipsqueak the Pirate

    [26] Source
    Cloudchaser Custom

    [27] Source
    Run you clever boy

    [28] Source
    MLP Customs

    [29] Source - Haley

    [30] Source
    Rainbow Dash (Wonderbolts Academy Ver.)