• DHX To Become World's Largest Independent Library of Children's Entertainment

    It sounds like DHX heading toward the top with it's upcoming acquisition of Cookie Jar.  The $111 million dollar purchase will rocket them up to largest children entertainment company in terms of episode content, and the largest children's media company overall for Canada. 

    I am not sure if Friendship is Magic had any specific effect on this outside of Hasbro securing more seasons of it, but it's still neat to see our friends over there doing so well!

    You can find the full press release on their website here.

    Thanks to Cahal for the heads up!
  • An Open Letter From Tabitha St. Germain

    As some of you may be aware, Everfree Northwest concluded about this time yesterday. Most of us are just returning home from the whirlwind of activity, including myself, and you can expect a retrospective post from myself filled with all sorts of pictures later this week.

    One other notable guest has also recently returned home- Tabitha St. Germain. This convention was her first Friendship is Magic event ever. Most of us, if not the vast majority of us, were wondering if the elusive and hard-to-get-hold-of voice actress had enjoyed herself or not.

    In short- yes.

    Click after the break to read her open letter, which she has given me permission to reprint for Equestria Daily.

  • Story: Omega (Update Part 19!)


    Author: Goldenwing
    Description: Dissero is just a simple merchant unicorn, leading his four friends around Equestria on the same boring, routine routes, make the same trades, scratching out a living in his airship and living as pitifully close as he can to his dreams. But all it took was one mistake, and now he and his friends are stuck outside Equestria, in the cruel and unknown Outer World, with the most dangerous crimelord known to ponykind hot on his tail and nothing but his crew and the ship they've stolen to keep them alive.
    Omega  (New Part 19!)

    Additional Tags: Outer World, OCs, Airships, Self-Discovery
  • Comic: Who Else / Luna vs Mann vs Machine / The Battle of the Conscience

    Derpy is best mail mare, no question about that! She always makes her deliveries though it would probably be best to have insurance on the items shipped using Derpy Mail. You know, just in case.

    Comics everywhere! Click for full.

  • An Important Message From The Everfree Northwest Crew

    This isn't, strictly speaking, a pony thing. But it did bring us what is certainly going to go down as one of the ultimate pony things of all time - Everfree Northwest. Unfortunately, issues prevented them from making this announcement at the tail end of the convention proper, so they've asked us to pass the message along to you, instead. We're more than happy to oblige. Read on, and hear what they have to say. I promise it's worth a minute of your time:

    Greetings Everypony,

    We really want to thank all of you who believed in us to make the first annual Everfree Northwest a stunning reality. It was a truly amazing experience that has changed our lives for good, and for the better. While we couldn't have done it without the help of our community, we also would not be where we are today without the unwavering support of a local creative space here in Seattle, called the Jigsaw Renaissance. Jigsaw is, in there own words:

    "Ideas. Unfiltered, unencumbered, and unapologetically enthusiastic ideas. Ideas that lead to grease-smeared hands, lavender sorbet, things that go bang, clouds of steam, those goggle-marks you see on crazy chemistry geeks, and some guy (or girl) in the background juggling and swinging from a trapeze.
    We are a collective of intellectual eccentrics, passionate about learning and our various (and yes, I mean various) arts. Walk through our door with an open mind, and you are liable to be whisked off your feet and into a project you’d never have thought up. We encourage communal learning, asking questions, and pushing that red button. Go on. Do it. If you stick around long enough, you’ll end up being the one creating projects and doing the 3-2-1 countdown for some new toy. Which is exactly what we hope will happen."

    The Jigsaw Renaissance gave us the facilities, supplies, and material support for us to have our regular staff meetings. If one has ever tried to get almost 100 Bronies together in one place, they can attest that it is not easy. So we ask you, straight from our hearts, to help keep this amazing place open--to give back to this organization who has given our community so much, so that more crazy ideas can flourish and blossom into things even bigger than Everfree Northwest.

    Please visit their website at www.jigsawrenaissance.com to find out more and donate!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #539

    Twilight here reminds me of how I feel after doing Roundups. So tired. But you can't really sleep when there is so much pony happening all the time!

    Time for art! Check it out after the break.

    Source 1
    Tired Twilight

  • Story: AAAAAAAAAAAAArientation

    [Comedy][Random] "A hilarious tongue-in-cheek turnaround of a classic trope centered around Braeburn...stupid, sexy Braeburn?  What's not to love?" - Pre-reader (/\)

    Author: BillyColt
    Description: Pony magic works in funny ways. Unicorns all have magic they can control. Earth ponies and pegasi have innate magic that connects them to the earth and the sky. And then there are more unusual cases. Pinkie Pie's supernatural senses, for example. And then there's Braeburn, who seems to have a rather unusual effect on other stallions..

    Additional Tags: He turned me gay, too
  • Discussion: Getting a Rainbow Dash Tattoo: The Video

    Semi-famous Spanish Youtuber Thous Carapollen recently decided it was time to take that big step and get a giant Rainbow Dash tattoo.  AS is the norm for Youtube personalities, he filmed the event.  It actually turns out pretty good! I don't know if I could ever do something like this even if my life is pretty much ponyponyponyponyeatpontpony.

    Now for the discussion.  If someone offered to pay for it, and hire the best tattoo artist in the world, would you grace your skin with a pony?  And what image would you use?

  • My Little Investigations OC Contest!

    Equestrian Dreamers is running a contest for a chance to win a spot for your very own personal OC pony in their My Little Investigations game that probably all of you have heard of.   If you want a chance at it, head on past the break for all the information on joining the contest, or hit up their website here!

  • Interview with Rebecca Dart - Queen Chrysalis Designer

    You may have some kind of connection to a certain villain.  She kind of made an impact, what with an entire drawfriend with 60 images dedicated to her and the following week of near takeovers of just about everything.  At least from an EQD perspective, Queen Chrysalis was almost too popular!

    Well, someone going by the name of Industrial Breeze recently hit up Vancouver to get some things signed by her creator, and she agreed to do a 22 question e-mail interview!

    Head on down past the break for it all, as well as some images of the signings and trip to Vancouver!

  • Vocal/Remix Music: Sparkle Hard Times / Perfect Match / Remixception

    Daring do is Best Pony
    We have two new vocal tracks from both M Pallante and Scarlett Peace this time around, with a massive remix compilation to finish it off.  Seriously, that thing takes 20 songs, modifies the hell out of them, then combines them into one 9 minute long track.  It's pretty crazy.

    Head on down past the break for all of them! 

    1.) M Pallante Sparkle Hard Times
    2.) Perfect Match (Laughter) - Scarlett Peace
    3.) Remixception (20 songs, one remix) - the Phony Brony

  • Pony Piano Tutorials - Royal Wedding Edition

    Pianists Get All the Rarity

    Dr. Sentinial has released another set of tutorials for you all to piano away on; four to be exact.

    Included in this list are the following:

    This Day Aria
    Love is in Bloom
    And a bonus Smile Smile Smile

    He also has some demonstrations for those that want to see the final product before giving it a shot:

    This Day Aria
    Love is in Bloom
    Smile Smile Smile

    Now GO LEARN!
  • PMV: Smile Like You Mean It

    Time for one of those rare awesome PMV's! It's a whopping four minutes of perfect syncing, custom animations, vector placement, and typgraphy.  It's hard to get better than this!
  • Friendship is Magic Comic Covers

     Newsrama has released some of the covers for the upcoming Friendship is Magic comic book.  It sounds like there will be one for each of the mane 6, with a giant image forming when you collect all of them.  They do also have the option of straight up buying them in a box set (see below) for 24.99 if you aren't in the mood to hunt. 

    Yes, that is Vinyl Scratch, and yes, Celestia looks like a badass on that Twilight Sparkle cover.  I love it already! 

    Andy Price released a bit of in depth information on how this will work over at his Deviant Art page, as well as Bleeding Cool.  

  • Story Updates August 20th (Morning)

    Me when I hit the plane in a few hours

    More late story updates for you all! We should be back on schedule again starting tomorrow.

  • Everfree Northwest Megapost

    I'll keep this one updated with the links to everything interesting! Have a list:

    CMC VA panel
    Community Musicians Panel
    Bringing Life to Word Panel
    Guys of MLP
    Charity Auction Press Release
    Who's Line is it Anypony? 
    VA Panel
    My Little Investigations Panel 
    Message from the Everfree Northwest Crew 
    Enterplay Sells out of Cards
    John Joseco's Drawing Sells for 2000$ at Charity Auction
    Lee Tockar's Twitter Challenge
    Finding Your Voice Panel

  • Everfree Northwest Final Day Panels

    Don't lie, this image right here is why you watch the show.

    EFR has a host of panels up on their Youtube page.  Sorry we are a bit late on getting these out for you all! This con has been absolutely nuts.   I'm literally just getting back at 2:30 AM. 

    Have a list:

    CMC VA panel
    Community Musicians Panel
    Bringing Life to Word Panel 

  • Nightly Roundup #413

    Daring Do swings into action! Coming one thousand summers from now to a moon near you, it's the latest hot non-film out of not Hollywood, and best one to not see the light of day since Celestia's cinema debut in Some Like it Plot. The non-existent Daring Do film wowed imaginary critics up to three towns over from an undisclosed starting location, and promises to feature all of the crystals, dungeons, Nazi-ponies, and nuke resistant refrigerators your little pony minds can handle. If you don't not see one film this summer, make it this one. Or not.

    On with the actual news.

  • Possible Season 3 Creatures On The Trading Card Binder - Updated with Different Information

    Trixie tries to be cool, but is completely unrelated
    I actually had a whole pile of people sending images of this, but they were all ridiculously blurry, but thanks for the effort guys!

    I picked up a picture of it in HD instead. Head on past the break to check out a potential new creature.  It is included on the back of the binder with a collage of others.

    Uh, added another one that we missed cause yeah. 

    Update: Someone from the staff let us know that the ghost dog is actually an unused season 2 asset, or a living version of the statue in the Daring Do episode.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 19

    Hey look, it's a Crobat pony. That's... more or less what I asked for, right? Well it's brilliant, so it must be. Yes, must be. Quite right. I was all set to imitate Olympic gymnast commentators in this slot when all of a sudden a pokemon came along and totally derailed me. And that's awesome. But it's awesome alongside a stable of 365 spinny, flexible, contortionist acrobat ponies, and that's even better. To go along with this, our first make-up gallery has just concluded, bringing with it a grand total of 268 more ponies! Our latecomers sure know how to create a stir. Combining these totals for tonight, our grand count for the event thus far is 12141 images. Just... wow. Wow on toast. With cinnamon and sugar.

    To submit for Day 19, follow the handy dandy link and fill out the form I'm sure you're all quite used to seeing by now. Our make-up gallery is closed for now, but don't worry! There will be another chance at the end to turn in any more late work you might wind up with. And just in case you've forgotten my e-mail, you can reach me at [email protected] 

    Tonight's theme is a bit of a breather, I'd like to hope. We're trying to stir up some strong and evocative (but still simple and fun) imagery to help get you guys back in the groove, or keep you there if you're one of our super-awesome iron ponies who have soldiered through thick and thin. But variety is the spice of life! So, Draw a pony cooking/Draw a pony with a plate. I'm sure you guys can think of tons of things to do with this. What are your favorite dishes? And how do you feel about Andy Dufresne?

    Tonight tonight tonight. It's a double gallery bonanza! First of all, check out the mixed up menagerie that is our make-up gallery, just to whet your appetite. Wait, no. I shouldn't be using food wordplay until tomorrow. Bad Phoe, bad! No gold medal. Aw, but I-- No! I said no! Not even a little one? Well gee, I'm unstable, aren't I? Don't answer that. Hop inside for all of the latest and greatest images of Scootaloo the world-champion acrobat, alongside Adobe ponies, gymnasts, Cutie Mark Crusaders Cannoneers, and the most stabled ponies you've ever laid eyes on. McKayla Maroney pony is not impressed. But she should be!