• Equestria Girls Schedule Swap Follow Up


    With every new near there comes trying to keep a tight schedule, possibly for the New Years Resolutions you quit on in the first couple months. This time we look at some scheduling mishaps with classes and a tired pastel haired principal trying to make everyone happy. There’s never a dull moment for her as the head of a school of teenagers I suppose. If I were to give this short a moral, it would probably be not to complicate matters like hanging out in the same classes and enjoy what time you can have with others. Either that or not bring this up the last day of schedules being edited. Let’s see how things turn out with some demanding students we call our main characters.


    So we get to take peek at some interesting moments through these scenes. We get Micro Chips working on his doomsday device that causes mass panic in the “Cheer You On” music video and Bulk Biceps doing a pretty good job as a model. It doesn’t help that with his skin color and muscles he could’ve been ripped right out of a Greek history book. Trixie is… we’ll call it “taking her time” instead of just being asleep. And for some reason we have someone’s painting of Rarity (or possible a self portrait) in the background. Nothing seems too odd except Applejack was expecting Pinkie Pie to be in art class as well. 


    Never would’ve pictured punk rocker Crimson Napalm and nerdy girl Scribble Dee for drama students, but I probably wouldn’t picture them starting with…miming techniques. Too back Fluttershy doesn’t seem to be impressed without Rarity to be the more dramatic one. 


    So it’s probably not a real focus and it’s probably just to fill seats with a variety of different background characters, but I like this variety of randoms in each class mishap. Would this look like the advanced physics class right off the bat? You have some eco kids with Sandlewood, Captain Planet and Sweet Leaves along with some artsy kids Watermelody and Golden Hazel. It’s not to say they might not be smart enough for advanced physics or regular physics, but it’s tricky to not see them as one note types when they are pretty one note. We at least know Sci Twi and Sunset Shimmer are good academic students from The Friendship Games so it makes more sense that they would possibly be in the same physics class. Maybe not so much for the guy using a book as a blanket for naps.


    Who’s idea was it to let all these students in at once to see Principal Celestia? Because I would love to know how they ended up entangled and towered up like this in her doorway. Not to mention, I know we didn’t see any teachers in the previous scenes (because we only have about 2 confirmed teachers in this entire school), but is it really fine to let a bunch of students leave the class when it looks like it was gonna be starting soon? Nonetheless, our heroines need their classes together for…reasons. 


    I give so much credit to Celestia here for being understanding and wanted to make everyone happy in their classes. Don’t know if these are just classes you can pick or if they’re required though. Things like woodshop, drama, and advanced physics sound pretty futile and might just be extracurricular courses that might still come with credits. Why do I try to bring logic into this series? Their principal has rainbow sorbet colored hair. But let’s see how things turn out with the new changes.


    Rarity: “This is the strangest math class I’ve ever been in.”

    Well technically you can learn some forms of algebra in woodshop with measurements, math formulas, and how many nails Snips will ruin while trying to hammer them in with a wrench. What even is this that he’s making? At least we also see Zephyr Breeze taking an interest in something so left field compared to mane styling or royal guard in the show. Let’s hope he doesn’t go along that path and try using power tools on someone’s hair. Might cause a bit of a problem. Not too bad with making and playing a small flute though. 


    I do not envy the teacher that has to monitor this class and make sure nothing burns down. I have so many questions as to why or how you can be covered in batter and burn something at the same time. Indego Wreath and Norman don’t seem to make the best cooks and Valhallen just looks confused on the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. Don’t worry dude we’ve all been there. But I am curious as to what Sunset could’ve cooked up if these were supposed to be her classmates. I think just heating up a tv dinner would’ve amazed them.


    Pinkie Pie in advanced physics…why does that just ring as a big fat “nope” in my mind? Physics shouldn’t even work for you if there’s no logical reason your hair is used a black hole. I do enjoy seeing Vinyl still in her own headphone fueled world and compared to anyone else we’ve seen, Cherry Crush actually looks ready to learn. Technically they say it’s good to chew gum while studying to help wake your brain up and to remember more information. 


    Pinkie: “Advanced physics? I thought they ruined P.E.”

    Well in a really roundabout way, you can learn physics through movement and physical activities. Don’t think physics will still solve anything for Pinkie Pie but it’s something I’m sure would be interesting for students to try to figure out. Also, great face for Twilight here. Just the right amount of confusion.


    And it’s back to the principal’s office again to over exaggerate the importance that they are all together for some of their classes. Celestia has the patience of a…magical demi-god to put up with this, possibly every day, from her students. But there are limits to how much you have to budge for your students. Let’s see how there’s a way that all of them can have the same class together.


    Like every high school student, lunch usually is everyone’s favorite class. And we even get to see everyone that’s been hanging in the background in this scene, too. Truly lunchtime is the best form of togetherness. But why does it feel like something is missing? Something we haven’t seen the whole time through this short. Wonder what it could be.


    Ah. Sunset hasn’t been in any of the classes regardless of some of the other characters referring to her. And I think she was supposed to be having lunch at this time. Celestia really is a very tired principal. But it’s nice that she’s a fan of Applejack’s videos on carpentry. Now that I think about it, Celestia why are you watching YouTube and not actually doing work right now anyway?

    And that was Schedule Swap, a good reason to try and not be a school administrative. This was kind of a bland and heavy slice of life short, but made pretty fun with the random background characters I wouldn’t think would be in certain classes. The Humane 7 (or 6 in this case) had some great reactions to everything happening around them. Celestia is a real trooper through this even though she only has about two scenes interacting with everyone and this school really needs more teachers. I’m Penny Wrights and at this time, it’s lunch time for me, too.