• Brony Spirit Music: Metal Core Pony - Wishful Reminiscence [Post-Hardcore]

    Metal Core Pony made a song expressing his personal feelings on some things he saw around, and he's spreading some brony spirit and hope while doing that, which is so appreciated! Read the lyrics and keep embodying the Elements from the show to prove Metal Core Pony that the brony spirit is still alive and that despite everything that happened, true bronies are STILL here and fighting the good fight! Despite some painful experiences I'll never forget about my "brony ideals" that I developed when I joined the community 7 years ago, and while I wish more people in the community would feel the same and be more kind, respectful and open-minded towards others, all that I can do is to keep doing my part and spreading about those values, always hoping to change the world little by little. That is the brony's way! To all the bronies and pegasisters out there, I love you all!! Let's keep changing the world, and spreading our Passion for the ponies!