• TOY REVIEW: MLP Potion Surprise Batch 1 Blind Bags

    It's a new fiscal year and that means its time for new toys to hit the shelves!

    Which means we have new MLP toys to take a look at! And in the case of this Equestria Daily staffer, to review!

    So you can probably expect a couple of these to come out over the next few weeks.I have some fun stuff ordered on Amazon I cannot wait to break into once it arrives!

    Speaking of fun, I got in 24 of the My Little Pony Potion Surprise Blind Bag toys today!

    Which I bought with my own money for anyone wondering.

    I hope your ready to have some fun with this review, cause I know I did. Which you will be able to check out in full after the break!

    The front of the packaging is definitely eye catching. The use of rainbow colors definitely gives the impression of something fun and magical is contained within this potion bottle.

    The back of the product contains the standard corporate information as required by law and in two different languages.

    Which is only in English and French for some reason… usually Spanish is also thrown in there. So it is a little curious why it was left out.

    Oh well, questions for later.

    One which has an immediate answer is the barcode's location. It's on the bottom of the packaging!

    And… these were made in Vietnam?!

    Considering the vast majority of MLP toys were previously made in China, this a pretty big surprise.

    Also for those curious, UPC Code is 630509911011. If you are looking for these toys out in the toy store wild, please call ahead and give that UPC Code when asked.

    That will potentially save you a trip (and some gas) when shopping for these toys.

    Alright, let's break the shrink wrap and open this thing up!

    The interior of the packaging contains a checklist (of sorts) for all 24 ponies in this collection.

    The interior also includes the directions for how to get the pony out of the water soluble bag.

    Since this is a toy review, we might as well test it out.  And the best way to show it off is with a video! 

    At New York Toy Fair last year, a member of the MLP toy team told me they were on the side of kids when it came to the Cutie Mark Crew and their confetti filled packages. They found that the messier the packaging was while opening the product, the more fun it was for the kids play experience.

    As you can see from the above video, this can get very messy very quickly.

    It also gets very wet because those containers are not water tight.

    But the water does break down the bag extremely well, and it did reveal the pony toy inside without a problem.

    However if you are in a hurry and don't want to make a huge mess with opening these things there is an alternative method for opening the bags…

    …by using scissors! *snip snip*

    Behold! A picture perfect pony.

    I have to say these toy designs are really nicely made. This Rarity is perfect right out of the potion bottle. But of course she wouldn't have it any other way.

    Now I don't know if you noticed it before on the back of the packaging be there was one final detail that is extremely important for the Magical Potion Surprise toys.

    This picture shows 92661 V.

    The second picture in this review, the one with the back of the packaging and the product information, shows 92661 B.

    Yes this does mean what you think it does! For unlike Cutie Mark Crew, these have Blind Bag Codes!

    And you can find the codes for all 24 ponies below!

    Blind Bag Code Character Availability
    A Potion Nova Recolor 24 Pack
    B Potion Nova 12 & 24 Pack
    C Rarity 12 & 24 Pack
    D Rarity Recolor 24 Pack
    E Princess Celestia 24 Pack
    F Lyra Heartstrings 12 & 24 Pack
    G Lyra Recolor 1 24 Pack
    H Amethyst Star (Lyra Recolor 2) 12 & 24 Pack
    I Lyra Recolor 3 24 Pack
    J Twilight Sparkle 24 Pack
    K Twilight Sparkle Recolor 12 & 24 Pack
    L Winona 12 & 24 Pack
    M Winona Recolor 24 Pack
    N Tank 12 & 24 Pack
    O Tank Recolor 24 Pack
    P Angel Bunny 24 Pack
    Q Angel Bunny Recolor 12 & 24 Pack
    R Gummy 24 Pack
    S Gummy Recolor 12 & 24 Pack
    T Opalescence 12 & 24 Pack
    U Opalescence Recolor 24 Pack
    V Hippopotamus 12 & 24 Pack
    W Hippopotamus Recolor 24 Pack
    X Cha Cha Llama 12 & 24 Pack

    To answer an immediate question, yes these Blind Bags are available in 2 different sized retail packs. One is the standard blind bag 24 pack. The other is the 12 pack which can be found on Walmart's retail stores.

    The 12 Packs for the My Little Pony: Magical Potion Surprise Blind Bags are making their way to Walmart Stores across the US now.

    The 24 Pack was available earlier on Amazon.com and included information about Wave 2 (the balloon ponies).

    These Blind Bag codes have been confirmed thanks to me getting three doubles and also thanks to Ramivic. He went above and beyond with helping this review by checking all four retail 12 packs at his local walmart and verifying they all had the exact same coded toys in them.

    Vic, you are a life saver! Thank you my friend!

    Also, Vic sent in some information about availability. While Walmart has been rolling out the Potion Ponies blind bags as they have been getting them in stores (including the 12 pack), the live date for the Potion Ponies toys at Target (including the brushables) is 8:00 AM January 12, 2020.

    Which is this Sunday. I know what I'm going to be doing this weekend!

    Naturally I didn't get all 24 of them from the 24 packs I bought on Amazon. I only got 21… and naturally the three doubles I got are available in the 12 pack.

    It also figures I would miss out on getting Angel Bunny. Typical that bunny vexes me.

    And while this assortment looks fantastic, just look at that Princess Celestia, there is one thing I do want to point out.

    On the left is the new Gummy released in this set. On the right is the old one from the Friendship is Magic Collection.

    The one with the unicorn horn is a new sculpt. It has an improved paint job.

    Heck it even has an improved model to better reflect his appearance on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series.

    Furthermore, the old and new Gummys are the exact same size. Which means only one thing…

    All the pets for the Mane 6 now exist in Generation 4 Blind Bag Scale.

    And since the horns on Angel, Tank, Winona, and Gummy are painted over the base color plastic, you could eventually take an exacto knife and remove them to get perfect show accurate blind bag figures.

    Which is what I plan to do relatively soon.

    However… there was something I could right this very second that doesn't require any arts and crafts.

    Song cue!

    Namely see the Mane 6 (plus Spike) with their pets.

    Until next time folks, this has been The Illustrious Q. Take care.