• YouTube COPPA Policy Now Live - Lots of Pony Videos Flagged. Gorefest "Cupcakes HD" Now "For Kids"

    As of today, Youtube's algorithms that automatically cause videos to comply with COPPA are now in full effect. This means loads of pony videos that are definitely not "for kids" have been nailed with the automated gutting of their comments, playlist integration, and other features.

    Unfortunately, it's ridiculously bad at actually targeting videos that are "for kids". Pony in particular is suffering harder from this due to everything being cartoony and related to a usually "for kids" brand.

    Luckily, it's easy to fix. A content creator needs to simply go into their video settings, find the offending videos, and change their settings to "not for kids". For the people out there that haven't posted things in forever though, it's going to be an interesting time as videos about clop, gore, and other very much adult oriented material in the pony sphere are now 100% marketed toward kids. What a world.

    One good thing is that it doesn't seem to be targeting brony music a ton. I've had a few musicians point out that their videos are still flagged appropriately.

    Thanks to Jessica for the heads up.