• Updates To Dark Mode

    After the announcement for the now supported dark mode we got several bits feedback sent in to us. We have taken that feedback and made a few adjustments to the dark mode for the website.

    First off, by popular demand, the themes have been renamed Celestia and Luna mode.

    In addition to the browsers mentioned in the original announcement, we added support for the following browsers:
    • Edge (16 and up)
    • Firefox 31 to 66
    • Chrome 49 to 75
    • Safari 9.1 to 12.0
    • Opera (36 and up)
    We also added the option to be able to switch the Celestia/Luna theme independently from your browser/system settings. You can find this setting on the settings panel at the top of the page (click the gear icon to open it).

    Note: Only the browsers mentioned in yesterday's announcement support the "Follow Browser/System" option. Browsers that don't support this option will default to the Celestia theme. On those browsers you can manually set the theme to Luna mode if so desired.