• OPEN ART Event - League of Evil! Draw a Character Trying to Join Grogar's Team!

    Note: SPACE MARES Open Art submits end tonight. You can still get those in over here!

    Grogar has fired off a recruitment plan to add on to his team for the upcoming Equestrian takeover, and many a creature around Equestria wants in! It's time for YOU to draw them!

    This is an OPEN ART event, so all skill levels are welcome. If you need to draw a stickpony on a napkin with lipstick, go for it.

    Pick any creature or pony that has signed up for attendance. Maybe they are a spy looking to sneak in and report back to Twilight? Or maybe they were inspired by Sombra and want in on this madness. It's up to you!

    Evil villain capes, wicked expressions, or whatever twisted idea you can come up with are all welcome. It can be your OC, your favorite pony, a dragon from the dragonlands, or whoever you wish.

    And if you want to avoid evil altogether, you can do an alternate prompt simply drawing ponies working together. 

    Deadline will be April 14th at 11:59 PM PST. Send your submission into the submit box with a Deviant Art, Tumblr, or Twitter link and subject the email LEAGUE OF EVIL.

    We also have a dedicated channel on the EQD Discord if you'd like to show off progress or ask for advice on the drawing.