• My Little Pony - Toy Fair 2018 - Full Recap of New Merchandise, Season 8, and Beyond!

    With Toy Fair behind us and loads of stuff to look forward to the year in both season, specials, and merchandise, we are going to go ahead and recap it like we always do. That was a lot of posts all at once, so a good amount of it got buried.

    Below the break, check out everything that happened, along with all the new major merchandise lines revealed at the show. Here's to another awesome year of pony!

    45 Minute My Little Pony Holiday Special

    We have a full holiday special episode this year! Not a whole lot is known about it, but we do know we will see some Discord and a rough synopsis based on the toys. More information can be found at Calpains post deciphering everything.

    We do have a general synopsis:

    My Little Pony: The Best Gift Ever! Holiday Special. The Mane 6 decided to do Hearthswarming Helper this year. Think secret santa. Pressure to get the perfect gift leads to chaos! And thus Discord will be in it in an outfit from Christmas Vacation.

    Season 8 Information

    Season 8 had a full teaser trailer released for the event which you can watch over here. Generally, they talked about the Cutie Mark School in season 8,  and introduced Smolder and Yona Yak, two of the new girls from their side cast of friends.

    Season 9 was also announced, though we all knew about that already obviously.

    Cutie Mark Crew

    The Cutie Mark Crew was one of the biggest pushes Hasbro had this year, with several displays showing off what they had available this year.

    Illustrious Q took a ton of pictures of the place. Head on over here to check it out!

    Equestria Girls Mini

    Equestria Girls Mini has a brand new set this year, primarily based on Forgotten Friendship. No wallflower yet though.

    Get those here.

    Equestria Girls Reboot Dolls

    The reboot set of Equestria Girls dolls has arrived for the year. If you like em, we have a set of images over here.

    They've also dropped a bunch of random makeup and other products, also in that post.

    Basic Fun - Fash'Ems, Stack'Ems, Mash Mallows

    Quite a few new items were shown off based on these lines, with Mash Mallows being the newest line for the year. The full gallery can be found over here.

    New 2018 Molded Figure Set

    A brand new pack of mane 6 is slated for release, with molded manes and tails. To bad we didn't have these back in the day!

    Full set over here.

    Blind Bag Set

    Blind bag ponies have a holiday themed set this year, but primarily a bunch of re-colors. You can find the full set over here.


    Pony plushies are making a big run for 2018, and tons of new lines are ready to be released. Hit up this post for the gallery


    Brushables are the bread and butter of MLP, and they didn't slack off on these guys this year. Get the full set over here!

    High Quality Japanese Models of Equestria Girls from Kotobukiya on the Way

    Kotobukiya Equestria Girls

    We finally have a super high quality set of statuettes coming for pony! Or at least Equestria Girl. Can't have everything I suppose. We don't have images yet, but the concept is above and the info is over here.