• Discussion: Should Hasbro Go All the Way with Actual Lesbian Horses?

    Trixie's... unique line at the end of the All Bottled Up has caused quite a bit of debate throughout the fandom these last few days. While the odds of it actually going anywhere are pretty low, it's still fun to discuss.

    Many a cartoon company has started moving in a more progressive direction with the same-sex issue now that pushing that social boundary is becoming the "Cool" thing to do in the entertainment world.  We already got plenty of Lyra and Bonbon furthering it, but would they ever fully cross the line? And with more commonplace characters at that? They seem to avoid engaging the mane 6 in any kind of romantic relationship, but side characters regularly get the canon ship treatment. 

    So, what do you think? Should Trixie and Glimmy, or any pair of characters, freak out corporate America?