• Virtual Reality Applejack Game at Brazilian Comic Con

    Here's an interesting one the! The Brazilian convention CCXP will be hosting a virtual reality Applejack game for everyone to play. We have absolutely no idea what this game actually is or how it works, but they are giving prizes away and pofiying people with makeup.

    Hopefully it comes to other countries. I wouldn't mind VRing around Applejacks farm.

    Google Translate From Brazil Facebook:
    Have you ever considered getting into the world of Equestria? Then come to our booth at CCXP - Comic Con Experience! And enjoy our Applejack virtual reality game, with prizes for the biggest punctuators! Visitors can also compete for themed makeup - and be totally "pontificated"! So, you're going to miss this one? It's only between the 1st and 4th of December!
    Thanks to Mateus for the heads up.