• Episode Rewatch - Winter Wrap Up

    Winter Wrap Up brought the concept of Winter to ponyland, and further cemented that whole pony-controlled weather system thing that was just one of the many reasons why this world was so endearing.

    Below the break, we continue our Episode Rewatch series with a trip into the glorious world of Twilight Sparkle's Organization! Expect history, some oldschool fandom reactions, and a link to go rewatch it yourself!

    Way back in 2010, Winter Wrap Up was actually one of our first major leaks. The entire song dropped weeks before the episode actually planned to air, promoting some of the best discussion and theory-crafting we've had in a long time. Some of us experienced a similar feel with the UK release of the finale, but stretch it by a month instead.

    People wondered why Twilight Sparkle was singing about not having magic, and guessing what the different costumes each of the characters was wearing meant. I think we even had an early remix or two out.

    The song is something we hadn't had anything close to yet, with all of Ponyville joining togeather for a big winter-clearing ballad. Before now, songs were short and silly. It really put a ton of spotlight on the show's musical staff. We interviewed Daniel Ingram and William Anderson out of the hype.

    Of course, the early fandom always grabbed any image they could get of Dashie here looking at her fellow mare in a weird way. We shipped her constantly, and this image regularly popped up in threads talking about Dashies interest the girls of ponyland.

    Early fandom also had a lot of fun with this screencap, of which I probably can't link here for obvious reasons.

    Twilight Sparkle's fear of snakes solidified based on Look Before You Sleep. Unfortunately we never got a whole lot of followup on this specific personality quark they seemed to be building for her.

    Minutte was Colgate back in the day, and this was one of her earlier spotlights. Berry Punch already had a leg up on the fandom-absorbed background pony side for her earlier sip out of the punch bowl. The prevailing theory was that manners in Equestria weren't exactly the best, but fanon wise, Berry Punch did it because she is completely smashed 90% of the time.


    All in all, I didn't know many people that didn't like Winter Wrap Up. It was such a solid season one world-building feel-good romp into the holidays that it would be hard to ever dislike it.

    It did usher in a 2 week break in pony episodes, which back then was a HUGE DEAL. The obession was so high at this point that all of us were EXPLODING for more pony. The idea of no episode next week was pain!

    Also butts. That extra week may have corrupted some people.

    Get the video below! What did you think of Winter Wrap Up when you first watched it?

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode... by Jonny_Manz