• Music: Seventh Element - Fear Of Dark [Experimental Electronic Concept Album]

    Seventh Element, one of the most prolific artists in the fandom, has released a spooky concept album called Fear Of Dark. Generally things like this are best served in one extended sitting - which is probably why he's uploaded it all as one singular video. This is a pretty dark album, with ambient and foreboding soundscapes, however some parts include vocals, and others are a bit more uptempo. He's also written a fanfic to go with it, if you want to go deep into the meaning of the album, as both the story and the album are meant to compliment each other. Make sure to check the video of the album out below if this sounds like something for you - it's high quality stuff!

    Note: The version of Find A Way on his bandcamp doesn't have the vocals from the show song, but I've been notified that if you download the album, a vocal version will be available as a bonus track.