• Bonus Music #26

    Hang with ponies... for the holidays! We have a bunch of those songs below, along with a slew of others. Go get em!

    [1] Source

    Group Collab - It's a pony kind of Christmas - Xmas Special pt.3 - Read Desc by Bluebolt

    Vocal - Pop

    [2] Source

    MORE Pony Parodies of Christmas Songs by iRhymeTheSongs

    Vocal - Pop

    [3] Source

    Fighting is Magic: Supremium Edition - Chrysalis' Theme - Panic Harvest by StringStorm ‌

    Instrumental - Industrial Dubstep

    [4] Source

    Nicolas Dominique - Long Way by Nicolas Dominique

    Instrumental - Ambient

    [5] Source

    MC-Arch - Acceptance. (You are Not Alone) by MC- Arch

    Vocal - Hip Hop/Rap

    [6] Source

    The Dark Side (Ft. Midnight Musician) - Night Lovers (Club Mix) by The Dark Side

    Instrumental - Progressive House

    [7] Source

    Daniel Ingram | Apples To The Core | Brohoof Studios Remix by Brohoof Studios

    Vocal - Bounce

    [8] Source

    Stallionslaughter - Hooves (System of a Down Parody) by Stallionslaughter Music

    Vocal - Metal

    [9] Source

    Raise This Barn DeathCore Cover by Chris Wöhrer

    Vocal - Deathcore