• Music of the Day #609 - (New name soon, keep recommending!)

    Reminder: Starting tomorrow we are going to require genres on music submissions! We are also slightly raising the requirements for these posts, and still gathering suggestions for the name.

    If you want to join the discussion on that, or leave your feedback, please hit up this post! 

    Now go get the final run before we swap formats.

    [1] Source

    Totalspark - Soar by OfficialTotalspark

    Instrumental - EDM

    [2] Source

    Sights Unseen - Stars in my Eyes (Totalspark Remix) by OfficialTotalspark

    Vocal - Symphonic/Chillstep

    [3] Source

    Glaze Vs Interrobang Pie- Awoken 3D (Olly's 8 Bit Hackup) by Olly HancockTM

    Remix - chiptune

    [4] Source

    StealingShad3Z - Here for You (Quicksilver Pop-Punk Cover) by idkQuicksilver

    Vocal - Pop-Punk

    [5] Source

    Sights Unseen - Live (Riptide's 'Punk Passion' Remix) by RiptideMusicOfficial

    Vocal - Hybrid - Dubstep - Punk

    [6] Source

    Forever Crusaders Acoustic (200 Sub Special) - Crusader! by Crusader

    Vocal - Acoustic

    [7] Source

    fractilx underground - Starlight D-termination by InklingBear

    Instrumental - Filmscore / Hardcore DnB

    [8] Source

    Raging Rarity - Songs of Sorrow (Ft. Divine Arcane and Staccato Flame) by Raging Rarity

    Vocal - Rap