• More Potentially Awesome Season 5 Episodes Hidden in CCG

    With Cheese popping up yesterday, more cards were delved into over the past 24 hours to dig up a bit more potential season 5 stuff. Considering the normal cards and CCG are written by the same people, we can probably speculate that a few of these are going to be episodes. Prepare for awesome if they are.

    Now go! Get all your spoilery goodness below.

    Did Sapphire Shores lose her place as the top pop pony in Equestria? They seem to use her quite a bit lately. I wonder why we never saw a toy with her?

    The potential return of Steven Magnet? Or just fun flavor text. This one is kind of up in the air I'd say. He has always been somewhat of a blank slate.

    Fleetfoot here looks like one of the more potentially episodic cards. Literally the entire thing seems to be built around an event where she's crushin on a pony in Ponyville. I do that too sometimes... 

    And finally, glorious Flitter! The cloud sisters already get quite a bit of love in the pegasus themed episodes. Are we going to see something based on them? Perhaps episode 100? For the CCG at least, she is a  foal sitter.

    Keep an eye out for more if you have the cards. Like last time, this is going to be a crowd submission thing.

    Thanks to Porty for the heads up!