• EQD Q&Neigh #5 On YouTube!

    Hey all! If you weren't around for our fifth Equestria Daily Blog Pony/Pre-reader Podcast, never fear! The entire discussion was automatically recorded and you can now check it out on YouTube.

    Just some of the participants include Sethisto himself, The Ferret, Pegasus Rescue Brigade, and myself, along with some past and current pre-readers. We answered a whopping 31 questions, including such headscratchers like "Gives us your best neigh!" There are, of course, some more uh... serious questions.

    You can check out the video after the break, along with timestamps and the full list of questions!

    If you watch the video on YouTube, the timestamps will be clickable in the description!

    (For anime fans, Gurren Lagann spoilers at 1:33:25!!!)

    ► Featuring:
    Alexstrazsa, TheSlorg, Blueshift, Pascoite, Pegasus Rescue Brigade, Noble Cause, Present Perfect, Ferret, Sethisto

    Blue wanted me to link this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbumzCdw4Ts

    ► Questions:
    6:08 - Give me your best "neigh"
    7:11 - Question for EQD: Mike or Joel?
    8:40 - If My Little Pony falls to an obsolete game console, what console will that be?
    12:55 - What types of works do you wish the fandom made more of?
    15:51 - What do we think of season five right now?
    18:43 - Which board games do you play, if any?
    29:43 - How do you find the time every day to keep fanfic posts going? Does it ever bore you?
    30:55 - How did everyone come up with their nicknames?
    44:42 - Does exploiting a glitch count as cheating?
    51:46 - What do you think of AJ? Background pony or no?
    55:19 - If I wanted to start a pony group in Alaska, how would I do it?
    56:54 - What can I do to support EQD other than come here daily?
    59:15 - What is your opinion of Dash trying to stop winter and was she out of character?
    1:04:01 - How do you come up with stuff to occupy our time when there's no new pony?
    1:05:48 - What's everyone's favorite song?
    1:10:40 - How do you find the time to maintain the website?
    1:13:05 - Are some posts automated like the 3AM random posts or early discussion posts?
    1:15:24 - What is an underrepresented type of story and overrepresented type of story?
    1:19:10 - EQD's stance on Drawponies.
    1:20:41 - Can we get your predictions on the fandom reactions on the background pony episode?
    1:22:01 - Are there emergency protocols in place for when Seth faints when Trixie appears in ep. 100?
    1:23:36 - What is the process for becoming a blogpony or pre-reader?
    1:26:25 - Did you remember to feed PK?
    1:28:21 - Have you ever come across a fic that could be de-ponified and sold to a broader market?
    1:30:52 - Prove to me you aren't working for our enemies.
    1:31:43 - Does pony content draw you into other genres or media you wouldn't have cared for?
    1:34:33 - What is best in brony life?
    1:39:07 - How did you discover My Little Pony and how long did it take you to get hooked?
    1:42:57 - What is the most challenging thing about being a pre-reader?
    1:47:13 - What is the weirdest thing you've encountered while being a pre-reader?
    1:49:18 - How does it feel to work at EQD, and are there any competitors?