• Twilight Charity MEGABUNDLE to Benefit Sean Rey

    About a week ago we put up a charity post concerning fellow Brony Sean Rey who was sent to the hospital after a hit and run. In response, the pony community has been very generous in helping him out with donation on his GoFundMe page.

    To help spur on more donations, PurpleTinker has gathered up a large collection of items up for sale/bid and if the $1000 mark is reached she is looking to offer up Brony Doc artwork signed by John de Lancie, Tara Strong and Lauren Faust plus even more goodies!

    Check on after the break to take a look at what is up for offer as well as a link to the journal itself where you can participate.

    Recently, brony Sean Rey was struck by two vehicles, resulting in hospitalisation and extensive medical bills.

    I'm selling this MEGABUNDLE of Twilight Sparkle / Tara Strong goodies to benefit his GoFundMe. All funds collected from this sale (less actual shipping costs) will be donated to said GoFundMe.

    Bundle includes:

    A) A handmade, shimmery, light-up Twilight Sparkle shadowbox. (The photo simply does not do it justice. It's absolutely gorgeous.) I won this from the silent auctions at BABSCon 2015.

    B) A Paper Ponies BABSCon 2015 exclusive Twilight Sparkle shadowbox, signed by Tara Strong.

    C) A Funko Princess Twilight Sparkle vinyl figurine, signed by Tara Strong.

    D) A Twilight Sparkle mini plush, signed by Tara Strong.
    E) A Funko Twilight Sparkle Blind Box figurine, signed by Tara Strong in gold metallic ink.

    F) A genuine Twilight Sparkle PEZ dispenser, imported from Europe (where they are being sold exclusively)

    G) A High Society pin from BABSCon.

    H) A Tara Strong OC pin, and two pins containing genuine (NOT A COPY OR PRINT) Tara Strong signatures: One black ink on a light background, one gold metallic ink on a dark background.

    I) A genuine Perler Ponies "silly filly" Twilight Sparkle perler.

    J) A rare Leekfish Twilight Sparkle WALL SCROLL!

    K) A signed Tara Strong headshot.

    L) A full set of 2015 BABSCon plushies (Golden Gates, Silver Span, Copper Chip)

    M) A signed copy of Tara Strong's pop single, "Take My Hand" (ultra limited-edition pony cover variant, less than 100 ever made)

    Bidding closes midnight Eastern time on Friday night/Saturday morning, April 16, 2015.

    Starting bid is $300. 
    Bid by posting in this thread. I am conducting this auction here, rather than on eBay, to eliminate eBay fees.

    ADDENDUM: IF THE HIGH BID IS $1,000 OR GREATER, I will include the following additional items:

    N) A BronyDoc 'Love & Tolerate' limited edition art print, signed by LAUREN FAUST, TARA STRONG and JOHN DE LANCIE
    O) A Twilightlicious print, signed by the artist, JOHN JOSECO

    P) This ultra-rare 14x11 art print, signed by TARA STRONG, commemorating the day Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn


    Twitter: Calpain