• Music of the Day #475

    Remember that one time Rainbow Dash decided to renew your vows, and Rarity designed her this crazy wedding dress? That colt doing the ceremony was a dick about the goggles though. No one liked him.

    Good times.

    Get some Music of the Day below!

    [1] Source
    Legend of the Everfree (Br0racle cover)

    [2] Source
    Cold Rain - Kitara poika
    Ambient/Progressive rock

    [3] Source
    Counting Sheep [Covering Turquoise Splash] - SteelChords

    [4] Source
    Exiark - Laughing Out Loud (feat. Ckibe) [ExplodingPonyToast Remix]

    [5] Source
    The Elements of Enharmony

    [6] Source
    Progressive Element - Depth of Everfree Forest

    [7] Source
    DJ MOON834M™ - The Moon is Crying

    [8] Source
    D1SCORDANT - NEW ORDER (MLP FiM Industrial Metal Fan Music)

    [10] Source
    *OuTbREaK* - Can't Stop Sliding