• Absolute Discord - Good and Evil, Queen Chrysalis reveal!

    Last week we saw that even the Mane Six can be Troublemakers in Absolute Discord. Now it's time to turn that on its head: Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, and more, all as Friends! This comes along with the introduction of a new concept in Absolute Discord: Colorless Friends.

    Not only that, but the Discorded Mane Six show their nasty sides once more as some rather feisty Friends! All coming to a Prerelease Event near you, in just one week. Let's check out some more card spoilers below the break, shall we?

    Nightmare Moon makes a big splash in some matchups, leaving both players unable to draw more than 2 cards per turn. This is a running theme in most of the baddies-turned-Friends cycle of cards: they're menacing, conniving, diabolical forces, so even if the power of Discord has them working for you, they still have a big impact on everypony.

    Speaking of which, here's Ahuizotl, throwing a wrench in the works of any deck that wants to score 9 points in one turn to pull a sudden, huge win. Including your own if you aren't careful...

    Let's take a look at these two again. As you can see, this Rarity needs Orange in order to be played, which is quite out of her normal color range, and Applejack is vice versa. All six of the Mane Six are done similarly, each requiring a different color than usual and doing something relevant to their new color. Such as the two below!

    And lastly, let's take one more look at the awesome new Ultra Rare Queen Chrysalis here. Just like in the show, she can be almost anypony she needs to be! Copy a Princess Cadance for bonus flavor points. (Sorry, bonus flavor points cannot be exchanged for victory points.)

    This ain't all of them, folks! There are more baddies to be seen as Friends, Chrysalis isn't the only Ultra Rare colorless Friend, plus the rest of the Discorded Mane Six to be seen in the coming week leading up to the prerelease for Absolue Discord. Have you checked the Prerelease Event map to see if there's one near you? You should! It's going to be a blast!