• Nightly Roundup #1146

    Don't worry Spike, I think I'd be a little freaked out too if my friends did something like that.

    News time my friends, plus some Spike stuff after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    Spike Compilation

    Nothing like ending Spike Day with all his pony friends calling out his name!

    Spikes Noble Dragon Song

    How about a cover of Spike's song to help top off the evening?

    Sapphire Cupcakes!

    Now this is a snack worthy of our friend Spike! Dig in everyone! Don't chip a tooth now!

    Check out the full story here!

    Allegrezza - Chapter One Audio Reading

    This is an oldie but a goodie! Give it a listen if you're looking for a story.

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Hearts and Hooves 5K meetup (Tampa, FL)

    Feb 15, 2015

    Thank you to all the Florida bronies who came to the Bull Bronies “Hearts and Hooves 5K Fun Run/Walk” meetup last Sunday morning at the University of South Florida’s Fitness Trail, in Tampa, Florida.

    We were also glad to see our friends from the local Grand Brony Gala convention come out too.

    We hope to see everyone again soon at the next meetup.

    More photos - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.897185296990505&type=1

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. This week we will be watching a film I picked out because we hadn't actually chosen a movie all week, so I just looked for something that seemed bad. The movie is Gnomes and Trolls and the Secret Chamber, which is totally not related to Harry Potter in any way (it actually isn't this time.) The movie is about a gnome named junior who likes to invent things, but his father,Jalle, disapproves of this and want's him to follow in his footsteps and help ration food for animals during the cold winter so they don't die cold and hungry. Strawmanning Jalle would be the most unbelievably stupid thing this movie could pull. During the first snowstorm of the year, the sons of the troll king put their fathers plan into action of stealing all the food. and severly cripple juniors father in the process. Junior then goes to get the food back from the trolls with his friend sneaky the crow.

    Host's for film night are:
    Harlequin Jester
    Pony Cat

    LOCATION WILL BE HERE: http://www.livestream.com/poniboorufilmnight?t=250163


    Brony Network Stream Weekend

    Friday {2/20/15}

    Galaxy Quest {PG} [BN Lounge 4]
    8pm Central / 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific


    Saturday {2/21/15}

    Littlest Pet Shop {S.3 Ep. 23 / Sue Syndrome} [BN Ustream]
    11:30am CT / 12:30am ET / 9:30am PT

    Toonami Pre-Show: [King's Lounge]

    Dan Vs. {S1 EP.3}
    7pm CT / 8pm ET / 5pm PT

    Sword Art Online {S1 EP4}:
    7:23pm CT / 8:23pm ET / 5:23pm PT

    Welcome to the NHK {S1 EP2}:
    7:45pm CT / 8:45pm ET / 5:45pm PT

    Death Note {S1 EP.8}:
    8:08pm CT / 9:08pm ET / 6:08pm PT

    Death Note {S1 EP.9}:
    8:30pm CT / 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT

    Samurai Champloo {S1 EP.2}:
    8:54pm CT / 9:54pm ET / 5:54pm PT

    Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie: Pyramid of Light {PG}:
    9:17pm CT / 10:17pm ET / 7:17pm PT

    Toonami [King's Lounge 2]
    11pm CT / 12 {Midnight} ET / 9pm PT


    Sunday {2/22/14}

    Classifed {Special BN Event } [Go to our Steam Community Group to reveal this event]
    6pm CT / 7pm ET / 4pm PT 


    Follow Us on Twitter @TheBronyNetwork / Steam Community Group / BN Deviantart for more News & Updates.

    Midwest Bronyfest Monthly Meetup!

    Greeting Bronies of Midwest! Tired of being alone with your ponies? Well then come and enjoy Midwest Bronyfest Monthly Meetup! Hosted by Scotty & Darrick, we will be doing variety of activities throughout the year (even after the con). For this month, we will be hanging at The Legends in Kansas City, KS on Feb.28th at 2:00pm at the fountain (if you don't know where it is, here is the specific address: 1843 Village W Pkwy, Kansas City, KS). We hope to see you there!!

    For more details, you can check at Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/454951307987653/?ref=4

    More details about Midwest Bronyfest, please check here:

    Animated Series for Mager Blutooth's Diamond & Dazzle Looking for Voice Actors

    MagerBlutooth, the creator of the Diamond & Dazzle comics is working with me to create an animated version of it, but I am still looking for two more voice actors. I need one to play Diamond Tiara, and I need one to play Filthy Rich. Dazzle has already been casted.

    If you can, please spread the word on this so we can help get the first episode ready.

    Get more information here!

    CinemaQuestria's Weekend

    Howdy howdy everypony!

    Our weekly weekend fun at CinemaQuestria keeps rolling! We have another fun-filled weekend for you. Check it out below

    The fun starts on Friday with AnimeQuestria. Continuing with , "Angel Beats" episodes 7,8, and 9, we'll then follow it up with a pony episode of your choice. After the pony episode, we'll bust out the mice and keyboards with a video game. AQ starts at 8:00 pm EST USA (GMT-5) on February 20th.

    Saturday starts off fast with Sonic Boom! We'll be streaming the new episode "The Meteor" live at 7:00 am EST USA (GMT -5). Our monthly themed Saturday movies get cool with "Schwarzenegger Month" as we stream "Batman and Robin" at 1:00 pm. Finally, our weekly CQRiff will be sitting through the delightful animated atrocity "Titanic: The Legend Goes On" (the rapping dog one). CQRiffs starts after "Batman and Robin", around 3:00 pm EST (GMT -5) on Saturday, February 21th.

    Finally, to wrap up our weekend, our weekly podcast "Babble with Bronies" will air at 4:00 pm EST. This week, Herostrain, the creator of those amazing SFM PMVs will be stopping by to be interviewed! You don't want to miss this one folks! BwB is on Sunday, February 22nd.

    All of this can be found here: http://cinemaquestria.com.

    Don't forget, CinemaQuestria is looking for new staff members! If you are interested in volunteering for a streaming site, we'd like you to apply! We're looking for people who are technical minded and are good with programming languages, a staff artist, or anyone who's a great streamer. If you feel your talents could better CQ but don't fall into the above categories, apply anyway! We look over all applications. If you're interested, please fill out the application here http://goo.gl/26i8sV.

    Thanks and hope to see you there!

    MLP Fighting Game Looking for More

    The game is called MLP Civil war. It's a 2D fighting game it has a story, it's basically BlazBlue with MLP Characters. I need the fallowing from High priority to Low.
    environment artists
    Voice actors
    My contact info is:
    [email protected]

    Also the game is borderline T and M so cant have younger help.

    Shooting Star is forced to plant a magic bomb at Twilight's castle in Ponyville by a group of hooded ponies. When he gets to Ponyville, he learns about Twilight and her friends, as well as the ponies in Ponyville. He wants to save his mother, so he goes threw with the task he was forced to do. Spike intercepts him and blows his flame at the magic bomb. The two magics react and pull Star into an alternate version of Ponyville where a civil war has broken out. Princess Celelstia, the sun army, is in a deadlock with Nightmare Moon, the Moon army. those who were once friends are now enemies, events that once happen in Ponyvilles history have not. Star sees this and thinks he causes it, so to fix it, he tries to end the war, however he is forced to see Horrors that will happen, forced to deal with the stress of letting others down and the pain of lose. (I still need some help with the whole story concept, because I was only able to get the characters backgrounds, some events, and places. I am a graphic artist, not much of a writer.)

    Who's Derpy Hooves? ((Mlp audtions open))

    Team Okay Fundraiser Stream

    Hello everyone!
    We’re going to be holding a charity stream for Blindcoyote
    Blind lost all of his info on his hard drives, and needs some help to recover it.
    It will start on February 20th (Friday) At 5 PM GMT (12 PM EST).
    This will work the same way as our previous streams in that you can donate money and a picture will be drawn for you. The more money you donate the greater the quality of the picture that will be drawn for you.
    For a list of people that will be attending the stream click here.
    Note that sometimes life gets in the way of things and may keep people from being able to show up, and that sometimes people that aren’t on the list may join us without notice and help us out.
    The stream will be hosted here
    We’ll probably be going for at least 12 hours but possibly more.
    So even if you can’t be there at the start we’ll still be going for quite a while!
    If you’d like to read more about why this is going on go here
    Yours’ Team Okay

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    TheBCI #6 KP

    The MBS Show Reviews: My Little Pony Comic Friends Forever Issue 4

    On this weeks comic reviews, Norman Sanzo, James Corck and Silver Quill review the My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue 4. Join them to find out what they like and dislike about the Comic.

    Crown Prince Animation as well as CloudCuckooCountry King of Limbo Destroys MLP-Silver-Quill

    More cheekie fun, SIlver your welcome to join any time. We have our brand new Channel trailer (that'll be up later),
    as well as we get a chance to talk to CloudCuckooCountry.
    We talk about your movie sucks, Super Bunny Hop, Crowne Prince post Modern Heart, how CloudCuckooCountry is really a mole and woman draws for him, how he's overconfident about his writing, and how Silver Quil is a fake Bird.

    YTMLP 14: #5-1

    Analyzing Is Magic: The Problems With Internet/Horse Fame

    EFNW Fanfic Spotlight #24

    Happy Lupercalia everyone! Err... Valentines... I mean... "Hearts & Hooves" day! Regardless, love (or something like it) should be in the air. So this week, we start off with The Story of Hearts and Hooves Day. Then we have a story about the struggles of Berry Punch, and what happens when you try to fill that void in your life with something less healthy than love. Lastly, just some fun, as we contemplate the existential dread embodied by the phrase "Cutie Mark Crusadicorn!"

    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    February 20, 2011-2014

    2011 - 100 Things Pinkie is Not Allowed to do in D&D.

    2012 - We're faked out by someone posing as MLP staff.

    2013 - SWAG.MOV is released.

    2014 - EqG RR extended commercial.

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