• Mega Mare X Gameplay Demo

    A little while ago, we posted an announcement about Mega Mare X, an upcoming project by Starlight Studios. Almost immediately after, they contacted me and asked if I was interested in playing a demo stage.

    Of course I was! And I'm happy to report that the early game play lived up to my hype about it. Lyra controls perfectly like X, fighting her way through a plethora of unique enemy types amidst some very creative backdrops. The game is still in its early stages and shows some signs of being rough around the edges, but the core elements shine strongly.

    One thing that's especially wonderful is the stage design. The idea of "flow" is very important to the X series, since stages are continuous and lacking in the set-piece "rooms" that the classic Mega Man series is famous for. Instead, good challenge should result from high speed navigation of obstacles using the character's powerful suite of abilities, and this intro stage does a wonderful job of preserving that feeling of momentum that made Mega Man X a fan favorite (although the elevator to nowhere feels a little weird).

    Interested in seeing more? Check below the break for a full video rundown of the demo stage, and see the promise for yourself!