• Equestria Daily Interview Series: Interview with IDW MLP Writer Ted Anderson

    Not too long ago we had an interview with artist Agnes Garbowska on her work with the IDW MLP series and other comic projects! Now we've got an interview courtesy of Babble with Bronies with IDW writer Ted Anderson whose work includes the Pinkie Microseries and the latest Trixie arc in the main series plus many more!

    Check on after the break for the skype interview and some more information on this fascinating man.

    Greetings everypony! My name is Everlasting_Joy of Babble with Bronies. I met Mr. Ted Anderson, one of the happiest people I've seen I'll add, at MLP-MSP and after striking up a short conversation with him, he agreed to be interviewed on our podcast!

    Originally just a normal pony fan like us, Ted Anderson went on to work in a professional quality for the MLP comics. He has written the Pinkie Pie and CMC micro issues, the Spike and Celestia Friends Forever issue, MLP Annual #1 as well as the Trixie arc of the Main series that is currently being released; he's now working on the Power Ponies 2014 Annual comic.

    Check out our interview of him below the break! And to see more good stuff, visit our website, CinemaQuestria!

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