• Toy Review: Aurora Sitting Twilight and Mini Plushie Figures

    With all the plushies invading stores lately from loads of different companies, it's becoming harder and harder for these guys to set themselves apart.  Aurora seems to have a way to deal with that though, via a different pose and tons of different sizes.  In a much less silly vein than the Greatest and most Powerful toy review yesterday, I bring you a look at sitting Twilight Sparkle and the keychain mini-plushie figures.  Get it down below!

    Lets start off with the big one here, and the one I found most interesting personally.  When I saw the Fluttershy a few weeks ago from Toy Fair, It definitely piqued my interest.  So far, pretty much everything from the official merch category has been standing with legs straight in the usual pony pose.  In a world where that is pretty much all there is, this shakes things up a bit. 

    As we have noted before, Aurora does quite a bit of good in the quality department.  The eyes are fully embroidered, and the material is super soft.  They one up all the companies out there dropping spaghetti and fuzzy manes with fully a fully molded style, though both mane and tail are usually devoid of stuffing, making them a bit flat.

    They also do a great job of front-on views with the bigger plushies, and Twilight is no exception.  It's hard to really show it off in a still image, but shes really cute.

    They haven't moved on to the "new" double sided mark style yet, so the butt symbol symmetry is a bit off.  I'm also not a huge fan of the wings, as the completely different material makes her seem kinda random.  I have a pretty nasty case of OCD with stuff like that though, so I'm sure it wont bug all of you.

    Overall, shes cute.  There are small issues here and there, but the whole package works really well.

    On to the mini figures!

    Lets start with the size on these! Expect something a bit smaller than the Funko toys.  As you can see from GLORIOUS Trixie, she is a few centimeters shorter. 


    These guys actually come with clips at the top for a keychain, so don't expect anything too complex.  They still pull off the embroidered eyes and marks though. If you need something to hang off your backpack for school, they would be perfect.  Their manes and tails are a bit on the flat size, but for the size I'm sure it would be difficult to really give them fully molded manes like the larger plushies. 

    One thing to note is the... odd wing placement on Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

    Yeah something like that. 

    Fortunately Twilight seems to escape that.  These also come with single sided marks.  Upgrade time!

    Applejack's only big difference is the addition of ribbons in her mane and tail.

    And Rarity finishes it.  Not a whole lot to say about her! Isn't that usually the case with Rarity when she isn't speaking? I bet Cereal would kill me if he actually read my posts.


    Sitting Twilight Plushie:

    Cute Pose
    Good front on view
    Super soft material
    Molded mane and tail
    Embroidered eyes

    Wings are a different material
    Single sided cutie mark
    No stuffing in mane and tail

    Plushie Mini-Figures:

    Smallest plushie out there
    Keychain style for backpacks and other things
    Fully embroidered eyes and marks

    Butt wings on pegasus
    Super flat manes and tails

    The choice here is really up to you in both areas.  I've never been a fan of number systems in regards to products that don't actually do anything other than look good, so use your own judgement based on what the negatives and positives above mean to you personally. 

    I think Toywiz is your best bet on these, though Aurora tends to dominate random gift shops around malls and shopping centers. Happy plushie shopping!

    Now we just need dat Luna