• Nightly Roundup #734

    So many good games have come out in the past year or so! And here I am without enough time to play them all, bleh.

    Anyhow, hopefully you all have enough time for this Roundup tonight at least! Dive into the news after the break.

  • Convention Compilation - August 7

    I'm never quite sure what to use for these convention compilation headers, so have a fuzzy Fluttershy!

    Got quite a bit of news tonight, especially out of Canada so check it all out after the break!
    • BronyCAN Pre-Reg Ends and the Third Wave of Musicians and Community Guests is Announced
    • BronyCAN Con Exclusive Deals
    • CANterlot Convention Press Release
    • First Peru Pony Mini-Con 
    • Running of the Leaves Convention Press Release
  • Ubisoft and Hasbro Team Up for Consoles

    Earlier today, Hasbro dropped a press release on Twitter announcing that they have teamed up with Ubisoft to bring some of their game-oriented brands to console.  Sadly not a single drop of pony is mentioned, focusing mainly on their board game titles including Trivial Persuit, Risk, and Battleship.

    It does bring up an interesting idea though. With Hasbro working with a major game company like Ubisoft, there is always the possibility of some pony in future games.  They have already tapped into the mobile and PC gaming market (via flash games), and with the MLP avatar gear dropping on Xbox live, it wouldn't be too surprising to see consoles as the next target if that stuff ends up doing well.

    We had this discussion about a year ago, but times change and pony shifts with it!  Lets imagine that Ubisoft does see the dollar signs when it comes to a pony game, what type would you like to see them make? Their genres are vast, including everything from strategy and pet simulators to greatly expanding the concept of free-running with games like Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed.  The choice is yours! Hit the comments up!
  • Fluttershy: D'awgonborn!

    What starts as a simple PMV turns out to be so much more!  Fluttershy is now my new headcanon for Equestrian dragonborn.  Head on down below the break to check it out!


    I think this about closes out the flood of contest winners.  PMV's really have evolved over the years.  I remember early on just seeing scenes and ponies singing to music was amazing, now we have these complex animation filled works almost daily.  That does put us in an odd situation for a spotlight blog though!

    Anyway, take what I said up above and maximize it.  Spark is definitely one of the best of the year.  Everything from the typography to the squeaky clean usage of the effects and vectors takes this one straight to the top.  If you don't usually watch pmv's, be sure to check this one out regardless! Get it below.

  • Principal Luna In "Canterlot High Pep Rally Set"

    A new set of 5 figures has appeared over at Toys R' Us, though there isn't an image available as of yet.  For those collecting the Equestria Girls dolls, this is your first chance to pick up a Luna toy. The description reads:
    Canterlot High is a happenin' school and these classmates want to show their school spirit! You can hold a whole pep rally with the 5 figures in the Canterlot High Pep Rally set. Your Vice Principal Luna doll will lead your Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity dolls in the Wondercolts cheer. What kind of ponyfied adventures will you have with all your Equestrial Girls pals? Go Wondercolts!

    Set includes 5 dolls. Canterlot High Pep Rally set features Vice Principal Luna, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity dolls. Fancy, ponyfied fun!
     TRU is listing the ship date for 12/31/2013, which usually means "we haven't a clue!".  Expect it some time later on in the year.  You can pre-order the set here now. 

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!
  • Hub Favorte Pony Fan Fluttershy Promo

    Fluttershy has joined the other ponies in Hub best pony poll promos.  They are definitely pulling off the old political move of showing off how strong her weak side is.  Check it out below the break!

    Thanks to Andrew for the heads up!

  • MLP CCG Volunteer Program Now Taking Sign-Ups

    Want to get involved with the MLP Card game announced last week?  Enterplay has opened up signups to join their volunteer program.  Some of the duties that will be expected of you will be: 
    • Learning how to play and judge MLP: CCG.
    • Staying up-to-date with MLP: CCG news, releases, rules updates, and the overall community.
    • Introducing MLP: CCG to MLP fans at meet-ups / CCG players at local game stores.
    • Planning, organizing, hosting, and judging MLP: CCG organized play events at meet-ups / game stores, which involves advance communication and maintaining a positive relationship with meet-up organizers / game store management.
    • Recording and submitting official event results online, along with a written summary of the event.
    • Maintaining communication with Enterplay and volunteer leaders regarding the status of CCG organized play in their region.
    • Encouraging the growth of MLP: CCG.
    • Maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor, online and offline, while you represent Enterplay and MLP: CCG. This includes having no online ties between your name / fandom name and unsavory materials (explicit, derogatory, etc.).
    • And possibly most importantly, maintaining a positive, friendly attitude when interacting with players, non-players, meet-up attendees, game store customers, meet-up organizers, store management, other volunteers, and potential players (that’s everyone!) in your capacity as a volunteer for the MLP: CCG organized play program. 
    If all of these match your specific pony-fan persona, head on over here to give signing up a shot! I'm sure it's going to be limited with how popular the game appears so far, so put your best foot forward! 
  • IDW Limited Applejack Edition Revealed, and Interview with Apricot Mantle

    IDW has revealed their 3rd Limited book, this time dedicated to Applejack. If you were around here in the last two days, you probably already know what to expect. Head on over here for the three different versions as well as the interview with artist Apricot Mantle, and and the tumblr for a sneak peek at what is included.
  • Comic: Curse You, Poseidon / The Interrogation / Why Derpy Likes Muffins

    It's fun to think that Luna is sort of the hot headed one of the two sisters as she overreacts to just about everything in a lot of comics. Makes her a little more endearing in my opinion.

    On to comics! Click for full!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #887 - MASSIVE Edition

    Flying through a cloud does not = a shower Rainbow Dash.   Time to get the soap going. 

    As many of you probably noticed, Deviant art decided to die a few times yesterday, so have two days worth of art in one post!  We have LOADS of stuff this time around.

    [1] Source
    'Git Down Here!'

  • Celestia's Banana Song

    I'm not even sure what to make of this.  Luna is cute though.  Have Celestia in a banana costume for whatever reason while I continue clearing the EQD inbox.

  • Story: Monsters & Other Foalish Things (Update Complete!)

    [Dark] [Slice of Life] The most successful type of "dark" fic... one that plays upon canon characterizations and a firmly established world. Here, Medicshy does it by playing with the most vulnerable of characters, and ones that make the reader leap in apprehension... children. -Pre-Reader #13

    Author: Medicshy
    Description: Life as a filly isn't always easy. Making friends, trying not to be weird, living with the hard times of your past. But when a new filly comes to town stealing Scootaloo's attention and other ponies start to disappear, well, what do you blame?

    A dark tale following Scootaloo and her friends as she tries to unravel the mystery surrounding the newcomer, the missing ponies, and the nightmares that accompany them.
    Monsters & Other Foalish Things (New Chapter 5!)

    Additional Tags: Monsters can be great friends
  • Spotlight Music: Hoodlums / A Friend For Life (JayB Remix) / Berry Nova

    Rap music! I honestly really used to dislike the genre. I've been listening to it way too much for a good year and a half though thanks to you guys. Find some of that in the first slot, a trance remix of "A Friend for Life" from Equestria Girls in the second, and an instrumental trance song dedicated to... Berry Punch flying through space in the third! Music all the possibilities! Find them below.

    1.) Hoodlums ft (ImDaManeMan, NicisFlee)
    2.) A Friend For Life (JayB Remix)
    3.) TeiThePony - Berry Nova

  • Story: The War and What Came After


    Author: Norse Pony
    Description: The earth had belonged to the People since time immemorial, until the ponies came to push them out. For centuries, they have hidden in the forest and the hills, slowly losing ground to their enemies.

    But now the gods have chosen two young warriors.
    The War and What Came After

    Additional Tags: Deer at war with ponies
  • Equestria Girls Background Music

    It has been a while since we had one of these.  InfinityDash has ripped a bunch of the background music from Equestria Girls for those that want to use it for projects/remixes, or just listen to it in general.  Head on down below the break to grab it all!

  • PMV/Typography: Night n' Day / Princess of the Night

    That first one has to be one of the most photogenic PMV's we've had all year.  The colors, they are everywhere!

    And in the second slot, a bit of Princess of the Night from FiW Typography style.  Find both below!

    1.) Night n' Day [PMV]
    2.) Princess of the Night (FiW) [Typography Animation]